By Abavo Kingsley



Pa Sunday Omoregieva

Iyanomo village in Ovia – North –  East Local Government Council Area, Edo State was on the 5 June, 2018 affirmed as autonomous of any other by the Benin Monarch, HRM Oba Ewuare II, and Sunday Omoregieva Agho as its Odionwere (village Head).

Iyanomo over its autonomy had been in dispute since 2012 with its neighbour, Oye which its Enogie (Duke) HRH Aighobahi Osagie claimed dominance, and authority until the Monarch affirmation earlier this month.

The Odionwere Pa. Agho told journalists on Thursday that he and his people were surprised that contrarily in  a story published in the Nigerian Observer, Saturday, June 8, 2018 edition, it was reported that Iyanomo is in Oye Dukedom.

The Odionwere points out that in paragraph three it was written: “The Palace resolved that Iyanomo is in Oye dukedom with independent Odionwere.” The information was not only wrong but misleading, he said.

According to the Odionwere, the Monarch while affirming the autonomy of Iyanomo village stated that it was not a slave to Oye or any other neighbour.

As he advised that Iyanomo and Oye as neighbours however should go co – exist in peace independent of each other.

The Odionwere stressed that the reaction was necessary to put the record straight for posterity urging that the earlier information should be discarded, and everyone to take note.

He and his people owe the Monarch, HRM Oba Ewuare II eternal gratitude for rescuing them from what he termed: modern day slavery under Oye, the Odionwere stated.

“We are forever grateful, and we pledge our continued loyalty to his reign and lordship,” he added.

Also speaking, the Okaighele, Iyayi Eboigbe expressed joy that after a long walk, Iyanomo is free.

He commended the Monarch for his steadfastness and impartial resolution of disputes in the Kingdom.