By Kingsley Abavo




Ohen-Obaro Osazemwinde Ohenhen

Ohen-Obaro Osazemwinde Ohenhen

Benin Monarch, Oba Ewuare N’ Ogidigan II in his resolve to continue to apply the  instrumentality of fairness, justice and equity to broker peace among his subjects, has affirmed Osazemwinde  Ohenhen as the ‘Ohen – Obaro (High – Priest) of Ikhueniro in Uhunmwode Local Government Area of Edo State.

The Monarch on Tuesday, 15 August, 2017 made the affirmation during his weekly mediation session, thus putting to final rest a lingering tussle between High Priest Ohenhen and Efosa Omorusi who had lay claim to the position.

High Priest Ohenhen addressing journalists immediately after the affirmation at the Palace of the Oba said the Monarch had also stated that Ikhuen remains one united entity in Benin Kingdom.

This was to correct the misrepresentation of facts by some elements for selfish gains in the area, he said.

By the affirmation, Ohen – Obaro Ohenhen is to preside over affairs of the area on behalf of the Monarch which include the ‘Oguedion’ (traditional sanctuary of the ancestors), and shrines of the people.

He promised not to fail in the demands of his office as he would remain loyal to the authority of the Monarch.

In this regard, Ohen –Obaro Ohenhen warned mischief makers to stay away from Ikhueniro especially elements that would want to continue to operate the banned Community Development Association (CDA).

According to him, the Monarch has cautioned; that he would not tolerate misconduct of any form hence he (High Priest) must work to ensure peace reigns in the area.

High Priest Ohenhen lamented that during the period of the tussle; Ikhueniro village suffered great developmental set back, registering huge infrastructural decay as its resources were plundered by his antagonists.

In reaction, David Igbineweka, a native of Ikhuen said, the Monarch affirmation was remarkable as it marks a reversal to the original order of existence of Ikhuen as an entity in Benin Kingdom.

In the same vein, Johnson Ohenhen another native said the Monarch’s affirmation of Osazemwinde Ohenhen as the Ohen – Obaro of Ikhueniro has further strengthened history of the people as part of the Benin Kingdom.

“Certainly, it is a call to all hitherto trouble makers to embrace peace and team up with the Ohen – Obaro to work for the development and progress of the area,” he added.

Ohen – Obaro and his supporters expressed gratitude to the Monarch for his wisdom in the resolution of the disagreement which had seemingly defied all solutions.

He called on all well meaning natives to join him in the task of moving Ikhueniro forward as he enjoined whoever has business to transact with the village to contact office of the Ohen – Obaro reiterating that he would not tolerate any form of mischief and trouble making.

Ohen – Obaro assured that with the Monarch affirmation, peace has been restored in the village promising to carry along all law abiding persons