By Jon Egie and Freedom Okpubeku




Sen. Omo Agege addressing APC members in Orogun during the meeting.

Sen. Omo Agege addressing APC members in Orogun during the meeting.

Senator Ovie Omo Agege has explained that there are no factions in the APC in Delta State rather, what exists is the wave of competing interests as obtainable in PDP and every other political party.

Fielding questions from journalists in Imodje-Orogun where he attended a meeting of APC members in Orogun federal ward 2, Saturday, Sept 30; the Senator was asked to state the level of preparedness of the APC to take over the government of Delta state as the APC slogan says in the face of visible factions in the APC.

In his response, Sen. Omo Agege said: “Let me begin by stating that we don’t have factions, we have competing interests in APC just like you have in PDP and any other political party. At the end of the day, all of those interests will be reconciled and we will come up with candidates for the various offices and ensure that those candidates emerge through a fair process and everybody will fall in line to support them and we will defeat PDP.

“PDP is very ripe for taking, a couple of days ago I read an interview granted by Dr Cairo Ojiugbo, I don’t think there is anything else anybody needs to add. The reasons why this government (Okowa’s administration) should be sent packing were very adequately articulated. The view of Cairo in that interview is the view of every member of the APC. We are very confident that we will send this government packing in 2019 and have APC government in Delta state.”

Asked to reassure Deltans who clamour to change Okowa in line with the APC mantra but fear that Okowa cannot be removed, Omo Agege retorted, “Why can’t he be removed? Tell me why Okowa cannot be removed?

“We are not seeking to remove him through a violent process, we are seeking to remove him through a democratic process, we are seeking to remove him through a process where every vote will count unlike in 2015 when they sat at home and wrote results. I don’t have to give you our strategy but I can assure you that, that era when some people sit at home and write results and expect to get away with it is over.”

In an admonition to leadership of the APC across Delta state especially those in Delta Central, in lieu of choice of candidates for the various electable offices at the forth coming local polls and the general election in 2019, he said, “We want a fair and democratic process, I don’t subscribe to imposition of candidates. I believe that candidates should emerge through a fair process and that way, the loser will have a sense of stakeholdership in supporting the winner.”Omo Agege said.