By Jon Egie


Rev James Owholo delivering the sermon during the church service.

Nigeria may soon collapse if the division among its ethnic nationalities continues unchecked, Rev James Owholo has warned.

He gave the warning during a sermon he delivered at his church, Faith and Light Crusaders’ Ministry, Ughelli; Sunday, May 26.

Drawing inspiration from the Bible book of Matthew 12:25, the Cleric recalled Jesus’ admonition that every kingdom divided against itself will fall and pointed out that the situation in present day Nigeria is precarious as the unity of the various ethnic groups that make Nigeria is in jeopardy.

He further warned unless something is urgently done to strengthen the bond of unity among the citizens of Nigeria, irrespective of tribal and religious affiliation, the death knell of Nigeria is imminent.

He stressed on the importance of unity and faith in the country as envisaged by her founding fathers in the motto of the country’s Coat of Arms but lamented that the present day generation of Nigerians, especially the leaders, have abandoned the course of unity as the bond of unity among the Yorubas, Ibos, Hausa/Fulani and the minority ethnic nationalities have been severed, leaving the country at the mercy of self-destruct.

Rev Owholo said the Psalmist appreciates the importance and benefits of unity among the citizens of a country and a group of people with common purpose as stated in Psalm 133 and hence, said that where there is unity, there is love and progress.

He also observed that unity has evaded the church of Christ in Nigeria as there is a great division among Christians who chose to align themselves with their denominations rather than the universal united body of Christ.

“There is no unity in the church any more. Funny enough, Christians obey rules of corporate social groups for fear of sanctions for violation of such rules but do not care about crave for unity and obedience to the word of God.

“There is no transparency and no truth in the church again. Criminals who get involved in various crimes and cases of corruption are also members of the church and the church owes the obligation to preach the word of God that would change them from criminality and divisive tendency.

“As we are seated our minds are divided, we look at each other as suspects. If your mind is divided against your brother, your husband, wife, parents, fellow citizen then that house can never stand and that is the problem the country, Nigeria and the church is facing today. The Yoruba, Ibo, Hausa/Fulani, Niger Delta people are divided and there is no regard and respect for the interest and values of one another.”

He was pained that after eating the body of Christ and drinking His blood during the celebration of Holy Communion, Christians still show hatred and divided interest against their brother whereas the Holy Communion was supposed to be a symbol of unity for all.

“People no longer hunger for righteousness but are hungry for opportunity to commit crime. If we agree and live in unity and have the fear of God, the church will grow and the country will progress for where there is no unity there is strife, hatred, division and all sorts of evil and violent crimes as witnessed in present day Nigeria.”

Rev Owholo traced the obvious unstable political position of the Urhobo nation among other ethnic groups in Delta state to lack of unity which reflects in the very many number of traditional rulers in Urhoboland.

“But the moment we learn to live in unity, peace and love we will excel. Nigeria needs to seek the righteousness of God, be united in love and peace and every other thing will be added.”  Rev Owholo said.