By Abavo Kingsley



The Book cover

A new book on the ancient Benin Kingdom is billed to be presented to the public.

This was disclosed at a press briefing in Benin on Monday, 8 October, 2018 by the Book Presentation Committee.

Public presentation of the book titled: ‘The Benin Monarchy, an Anthology of Benin History’ is slated for 20 October, 2018, Ambassador Martin Uhomoibhi, Chairman of the Committee said.

According to him, the book is a unique distinctive publication from the perspective of aesthetics and intellectual content.

“…it is with assured pride that we can say that this book is unique among all current publications on the Kingdom,” the Monarch, HRM Oba Ewuare II was quoted to have said.

It weighs about 6.8 kilograms, has 599 pages of meticulously researched articles and 441 iconic images, with 18 scholars; “some of them the most respected authorities within and outside Nigeria on Benin history” as contributors, he disclosed.


Oba Ewauare 11

With the Monarch’s approval, the book is published to put history of the Kingdom in perspective in its truest details, it was said.

Uhomoibhi assured that readers will find the book interesting and exciting even as the publishers would be ready to welcome controversy thereon.

Reiterating that the book is different from previous ones, HRH Prof. Gregory Akenzua said it is broader in perspective.

It is in five version; Collector’s item, for V. I. Ps, and library edition among others.

This is said to make it available to everyone irrespective of class as the cost will be brought to its barest minimum.

The book is published by Wells – Crimson Limited under the auspices of the Oba Ewuare II Foundation in collaboration with the Benin Traditional Council, Uhomoibhi said