By Merumario Egie

Meru Egie

Meru Egie

Most people think they know much about dream and so on but if you claim you know about dreams then you should ask yourself these questions.

Why do we dream in early night hours (3a.m, 4a.m, 5a.m, 6a.m) ?

What would you say about those unknown faces in your dreams?

How can you tell your subconscious mind to have a particular dream?

What is the difference between nightmare and dream?

These and many more you will learn from this article. For those of you in the first lesson, sorry for not posting the promised article (Do humans just lose information?).But I am still working on it.
Now to our days lesson “Dream”. First of all what is dream?
Dream is something we experience while sleeping. It is shown to us by our subconscious mind.

Subconscious mind: This is the part of us that has feelings and thoughts, but we don’t realize it. its just there.

Why do you dream in early night hours?

With observation that is certain and you can account for, most people if not all, dream in early hours. This is because we don’t just dream.

Everybody in this earth are connected and this connection can only occur when you allow your brain to emit waves. Our waves tend to meet. And this can only be done in hypnosis or alpha tetra state. This is state of little consciousness. Where you seem to be sleeping but can see, hear and still speak.

We humans only get into this state spontaneously only when we are asleep and during our waking hours, which are (3a.m, 4a.m5a.m, 6a.m).In this period our own brain waves can connect with that of another person in this planet earth, then our subconscious mind interprets the persons thoughts about us or the nature of the person through moving images which we call dreams. And this is why we can see in our dreams what people, most especially those we know, think about us and then we can probably tell the future from the dream. But this depends on the power of your subconscious mind.
Note: Some people dream more realistic dreams than others.

What would you say about the unknown faces you see in your dreams?

This has almost been answered in the first question. It is just as a result of the unlimited connection of the human minds in the planet we find ourselves. It really depends on how far your brain waves can travel, but a certain fact which says “The more tense your emotions are, the stronger your brain waves”. This could explain why a mother will notice or feel when her child is in danger. But it doesn’t only count for moms but any other person depending on your relationship with the person in question.

How can you tell your subconscious mind to have a particular dream?

Telling your subconscious mind to have a particular dream is more difficult than to access your inner guidance. This is more like using autosuggestion (repeating what you want till your system absorbs it).It takes more time for this to work but you just have to put away any atom of doubt and believe in what you are doing. To do this you will have to tell yourself before going to bed that give me a dream on how to know a better…………..what ever you want. But you will have to repeat this till your mind absorbs it. There is no bet that this is gonna work the first time but you try on till it does.

What is the difference between nightmare and dream?

I won’t be answering this directly but will just use facts to differentiate them.

1.They occur around 12-1a.m
2.They are manipulations which are not real and won’t be real.
3. They always make you afraid and they are always scary.
4. They are manipulations.

1.They occur from mostly 3-6a.m.
2.They are real facts about someone, something.
3. No matter how bad they are, it always comes in a pleasant way.
4. They are messages.

This above listed is the difference between nightmare and dreams.

This all I got for you now, remember to apply them in your everyday life. And know what and how to look and think of your dreams hence forth.