Abavo Kingsley, Benin




Dr Otive Igbuzor

President Muhammadu Buhari and his All Progressives Congress Federal Government made the mistake of having not told Nigerians what its electioneering change agenda entails from the beginning.

Hence the seeming wave of criticism of the administration policies and overall performance in relation to how well they have positively impacted citizens and the nation ahead of the 2019 elections.

Dr. Otive Igbuzor made the observation in an interview with Spy News Online in Benin, Edo State capital .

Dr. Igbuzor is the Executive Director, African Centre for Leadership, Strategy and Development (Centre LSD) Abuja.

One mistake the Government made was its failure to have told the people from the beginning that change is a process and outline the process that change will follow so that people are carried along Dr. Igbuzor noted.

“In a Government change is not dramatic, it is not instantaneous.

“Everywhere in the world where change processes have been initiated 70 percent of them have failed partly because people don’t understand the change process, you don’t get the right change champions, and there is always resistance to change.

“So these are the part of the problems but we hope that the Buhari administration will get things right by explaining more to people what they are doing, by letting people know the true position and by recruiting change champions.

“You can’t use the people who destroyed the country 16 years ago to still be leaders of the change. So that is why the people are confused.

“But I think on the average the administration is pushing, especially in the area of fight against corruption.

“I don’t buy the argument that he is selective; that is why we said then that PDP was selective.

“Don’t worry no regime stands for ever but anybody who has stolen money; if someone is held, I want the person to prove he is innocent. Not that I have stolen why am I the only one being persecuted? It doesn’t make sense.

“So like you have said he has woken up, we hope that he will continue in this part because Nigerians really need relief. The people need change, the people need the money of the country to provide services and the youths have a big role to play in that regard.”

In response to the question whether the media managers of the President in his rating have not done enough, Dr. Igbuzor declared; “I think they can improve.