By Osamudiamem Ogie




Secret cult symbol

Secret cult symbol

Family of 42 year old Ben Ogbudu has cried out over his mysterious disappearance from home owing to death threat by a secret cult fraternity; Great Owhedjebo.

The family expressed fears over the whereabouts and safety of their son who allegedly has been threatened with assassination by the cult group for refusing to succeed his late father who was an important and respected leader of the cult group.

Late Chief Ogbudu was said to had been a very senior member of the cult group and had chosen his first son; Ben to succeed him and inherit all the rights, privileges and liabilities, in compliance to the rules, our source who preferred anonymity for security reasons, said.

Following the demise of the senior Ogbudu, the cult fraternity through a letter of invitation contacted Ben for a formal initiation which he rejected, it was further disclosed.

Consequently, a letter of reminder was sent to him warning of the repercussion of refusal to be initiated, which is death sentence.

For fear of his life, Ben a native of Urhobo, Delta State, who had been living in Benin City, capital of Edo State escaped and his whereabouts had since not been known, a  situation which has thrown his family into a state of uncertainty fearing for his life.

Investigation reveals that the Owhedjebo cult fraternity has close knit network and lethal operation which has forced the fleeing Ben from seeking protection even with the Nigeria security.

The family members have also lamented the force abandonment of the victim’s wife and children whose up – keep has shifted to them; a situation caused by the accompanying inglorious activities of cultism; fast becoming a recurring decimal in Nigeria.

This development which has put security agencies on their toes, as their operative strategies seem to have defied all measures deplored to checking the menace.