By Jon Egie

Chief Andy Ntigoroku

A PDP Chieftain in Ughelli North LGA, Chief Ntigoroku Andy Igho has challenged all those aspiring to be elected as Chairman of Ughelli North LGC, on the platform of the PDP, to a public debate before the party primary is conducted.
Chief Ntigoroku made the call in an exclusive interview in which he said the call became necessary to expose the aspirants to the voting public who would be guided by the aspirant’s evidence of efficiency and competence that would be indicated during the public debate.

He noted that imposition of candidates had been the bane of PDP success in the LG and therefore appealed to the leadership of the party to allow internal democracy so that the best aspirant could emerge as candidate.


“Ordinarily, no other party could have a sway in Ughelli North but for the imposition syndrome of the PDP. Since the time of late Aridon, there has been no proper election into the office of the council chairman and hence PDP dangles in the LGA. So, let there be free and fair election both in the primary and general election.

Chief Ntigoroku who had intention to contest the chairmanship race said he withdrew the ambition based on the appearance of Chief Malachi Orode into the race, because he found in Orode, a better material for the job.

In making a case for Chief Malachi Orode, Ntigoroku said among those who have indicated interest for the chairmanship race so far, Chief Orode stands out tall.

Using maturity, wisdom, educational background, age, experience and exposure as parameters for scoring Orode high, he added that Orode has the quality, the brain material and the connection for the job and therefore one would not be wrong to pick Orode out as the best among the others.

“He is a man who would not be used as a channel to siphon the council’s money, he is a very reliable and honest person; a pioneer member of the PDP and for him to come out now for the race means he is ready for the job” he said and further appealed to the leadership of the PDP in the LGA to give democracy a chance so that the best candidate will emerge and peace will reign in the LGA.
Ntigoroku believed that by the stuff that he is made of, Chief Malachi Orode will perform excellently well during the public debate and endear his himself to the heart of the voting public.