By: Jimmy Lace, Warri

The newly acquired 500 HDD equipments by Fenog Nigeria Limited commissioned in Warri on Tuesday.

FENOG Nigeria Limited has made another major break through in the oil and gas industry as it has acquired the latest Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig, the PD500 worth over 40 Million US Dollars.

A director in the company, Mr. Matthew Tonlagha who disclosed this to our correspondent in an exclusive interview said the PD 500 is the latest and biggest HDD Technology in the world.

Mr. Tonlagha explained that; “The PD 500 is a modern, reliable technology designed for deep (6m- 70m) installation of pipe line, sewa, telecommunication lines and heavy duty cables without trenching over roads,, railways, rivers and even across facilities, without damages or disturbances to traffic or usage of these facilities.”

According to him also, “In other to effectively key into this good gesture of Government and meet our Client’s expectations and needs of quality services, Fenog has acquired the new Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig popularly called the HDD Rig. By this new technology Fenog is poised to collaborate with the Federal Government to ensure a more efficient refined and unrefined products distribution network and indeed put an end to the worrisome pipeline vandalism. By this feat, Fenog is now the biggest and largest HDD company in Africa, the fourth (4th) largest HDD company in the world and the first ever to achieve 1.7km River Crossing (Escravos River Crossing).”

“Apart from the two PD 250 HDD Rigs already in our stock, we have just imported the latest in the stock of the HDDs, the PD 500 which is capable of drilling and laying up to 5.5km per stretch of pipes measuring between 6 to 70inches in diameter up to a depth of a maximum of 100meters,” he said.

Hear him also, “The PD 500 will send vandals out of business because they cannot have access to the pipelines as they are completely out of their reach. We acquired it at this time because we are growing up in technology and people have the feelings that Nigeria cannot do it better. We need to let the Federal Government know that some of these major projects that are given to oil majors can be handled by FENOG Nigeria Limited and that was why we started with the PD 250 which we have used to cross a lot of rivers.”

The FENOG Director further said that; “It is not just this PD 500 that we have acquired. Fenog has also recently and aggressively moved into shallow and Deep Water operations by its acquisition of “Akpevweoghene Derrick Lay Barge” meant for the construction of platforms, heavy lifting and laying of pipelines in both shallow and deep waters. This barge is expected in the country about three weeks from now.”

He said; “We are investing so much in equipment because we trust President Goodluck Jonathan, the Petroleum Minister, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke and the Local Content Secretary, Engr. Ernest Nwapa, we trust all of them because we know that they can deliver and they have given us hope that the Local Content Law will work.”
The FENOG boss also explained that; “With the PD 500, an individual can no longer benefit alone because the issue about oil bunkering, blowing up of pipelines and flow lines is not acceptable to the PD 500 Technology. And I am suggesting that we should use this latest PD 500 to bury up all our pipes.”