By Jon Egie




Olorogun Fred Majemite

Olorogun Barr Fred Majemite, a Chieftain of the PDP in Delta state has said that the level of political awareness in Delta state has made it difficult for money bags and godfathers to impose candidates against the popular wish of the people.

Speaking at a QuestTv Live conversation/phone-in programme, FACE TO FACE, with the chairman of Delta state chapter of the Nigeria Union of Journalist (NUJ), Comrade Mike Ikeogwu on the topic: “Grassroots Politics and the Challenges of Leaders and Followers”, Olorogun Majemite revealed that the reason why politicians renege on their electioneering promises is because they made the promises under pressure to win elections but unfortunately meet a different scenario when they get to office.

“They make such promises under pressure and fail to keep them because of the realities on ground” he said.

He called on politicians to tell the people the true situation of what they meet on ground, the challenges they are facing and seek suggestions on how to tackle them.

He pointed out that the use of money to influence electoral decision of the electorate is waning and as such, advised politicians to constantly relate with the grassroots down to the unit level and show reason why the people should believe in in you otherwise, the people would take your money and not vote for you.

He conceded that the PDP had done a lot of things in a wrong way, one of which was imposition of candidates against the people’s choice and that led to situations of protest votes by the electorate against the PDP but that the party, having learnt its lessons, was resolved to doing things the right way.

“I call on all elected officials of government to go back home to their voting units and wards and let th people know about the business of government, its constraints and opportunities otherwise, in a maximum of four years they must come back to tell the story.