Enetimi Evah also known as the royal mother and Chief Executive Officer of Ezonebi Training Centre, Presidential Amnesty Programme.In this  interview, Evah explains why there is need to continue with the amnesty programme, and dispelled the rumours that she was arrested by the economic financial and crimes commission, EFCC.


Evah Enetimi

How did you go from training of 50 delegates of the  Presidential Amnesty Programme to 137 trainees?

First of all, I am from Ekogbene, under Burutu Local Government area, in Delta State. I have been a consultant to the federal government, under the Presidential Amnesty program for 8 years plus. In the last 8 years, I have worked with three of the special assistants.  My work with ex-militants began during President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration.

I began with 50 delegates (agitators), and the focus of the training then, was on entrepreneurship. The duration of the training was four months. The training helped the delegates develop their entrepreneurial skills and equip them with skills to transform their lives significantly. My first training was a huge success and I was so fulfilled to contribute to the lives of ex-militants. The delegates left the training centre with hope and joy and above all skills to better their livelihood.

The training and the outcome was a huge success as I mentioned earlier, I dropped my report for the previous training and I was awarded another contract with more delegates than the previous training. My delegates became shop owners, who were now employing other youths in the Niger- Delta region. This brought hope to the region, as the purpose for the creation of the programme was seen to be achieved in my centre.

Our training centre in Lagos is well equipped with the best resources in fashion designing, leather works (shoes and bag manufacturing) and ICT equipments and well trained facilitators, with a capacity of 250 delegates.


Prof Charles Dokubo and Consultant, Evah Enetimi presenting certificate of merit award to the best graduating trainee of the programme

At the time professor Charles Dokubo resumed office, we had already achieved more than 60% success rate in our delegates trained, meaning 60% of the delegates that attended our Training Institution, are already self-made and are employers in their various communities as mentioned earlier.

“I don’t want to brag” but we are one of the best training contractors this Programme has.To this end, our success stories  and capacity and passion in changing lives have contributed to the number of delegates we receive each year, so it is normal for the Office of the Presidential Amnesty Programme  to increase the number of delegates given to us, due to our Excellent records and our capacity to train the ex-agitators.As we all know these are special kind of people, that need special approach while training.

On our own, we decided to recognize hard work, determination and humility in the delegates during the training period; we present various awards depending on the said criteria. Some go home with industrial machines, computers, cash awards and so on. So all these actions, fortunately, did not go unnoticed.  Our efforts was appreciated by the Amnesty office, my company was given award of excellence in June, 2019 at Eko hotel in Lagos, strictly based on merit.

We have a training facility purposely built for this programme in Lagos. Our centre is more like a rehabilitation centre. We change their mindset before the Programme is completed. We make sure we add to the best value with whatever the Amnesty Programme gives us. This programme is obviously changing lives of these former militants.

First of all, without this amnesty programme, I am sure a lot of tension would have been going on in the Niger Delta now.And that is why one must appreciate and thank the President Buhari administration for retaining the programme. This programme has really helped in shaping lives. It has helped to bring out the best in some of these delegates. Some of them have become employers of labour. The dignity of labour is already inculcated in them. They are all scattered in and around the country, they are in Lagos,  Ondo, Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta States doing wonderfully well. But for this programme, the peace the region is presently enjoying would have become bloody.


Prof Charles Dokubo inspecting progress of work at the training centre

The graduation ceremony was held for 137 of the delegates trained in my centre in June, 2019 at the Eko Hotel where the presidency was well represented.Out of the 137 delegated, over 115 have already been empowered by the Presidential Amnesty office. Which is the instant empowerment, immediately after the graduation ceremony, the delegates were given starter packs, to start up their business.

Amongst the delegate, is a lady, Miebi Foko who graduated in fashion designing in the last batch, she is in Bayelsa State, she called to say she has employed four apprentices and that she didn’t know she could make the kind of sales she’s presently making. There are others, Otuma, in Ekeremo, Prince, Emelapor, Tony, so many, they’re all doing well.

 With all that you have enumerated, how come the Economic Financial and Crimes Commission, EFCC,   is allegedly searching for you?

Thanks for this question. Already there is a fabricated satanic rumour that I have been arrested, by EFCC. To say the least, that is the most ridiculous story I have heard this year.  How can I be arrested when I have not committed any offence? I render services to the government with a duly registered Training Institution company legitimately registered by the (CAC). I have never been arrested, invited or called by any law enforcement agencies before and now. You can only be arrested when you have been convicted of a crime. We are into Human Capacity Development that is not a crime. Those stories were made up by people who don’t like the fact that we impact lives positively, through the Presidential Amnesty Programme. “I call them beer parlor stories” all lies.

Thank you