By Jon Egie




Dr Arhoghene Avwokerega

Dr Arhoghene Avwokerega

Highly placed Nigerians in the Presidency, National Assembly Judiciary, State Houses of Assembly, Governors, astute politicians, the academia and all whose health challenges force them to travel abroad for medical help can now heave a sigh of relief as their health challenges can now be efficiently handled here in Nigeria.

A Physician, Dr Arhoghene Avwokerega who is resident In Osubi near Warri says he has the cure for all such ailments for which solution top Nigerians travel overseas.

“We have researched over the years and have discovered that all ailments and affliction can be treated through Body Magnetic Therapy”.

He said the recent Lasa Fever ravaging and killing Nigerians in various parts of the country can be handled by him in a very short space of time.

“I can treat Lassa Fever less than 24 hours” he assured.

The Body Magnetic Therapist informed that he treats patients from his base in Osubi to any part of the world while the patients enjoy the comfort of their homes using air as source of energy to make the complete man.

Among other ailments he boasts of having solution to are: Stroke, Sickle cell anaemia, Cancer of all shades, Diabetes and High Blood Pressure, Oedema, Spinal cord, serious brain damage, acute Kidney/Heart/Lungs infection.

Dr Avwokerega can be contacted with 07044919123, 08181753216.