By Jon Egie




Dr Abel Avwokerega

Dr Abel Avwokerega

Dr. Abel Arhoghene Arwokerega, a Seer, has said that he has the power to stop the menace of Boko Haram in Nigeria.


In an exclusive interview recently at his Osubi residence the Seer was reluctant to speak on the issue of Boko Haram but finally said, “Yes! Book Haram, they are not a bad organisation; they are not as bad as people portray them to be.


“It is the culture of God which we Nigerians have absconded from that is making them to react. God created the world with discipline but the civilized world has turned the culture of God into Satanic behaviour where women will open their private parts, breast …. Why must God name a place private part if it were meant to be exposed?


He said though he is not in terms with Boko Haram because of the urge to kill, he would have loved to encourage them to use propaganda to let the people go back to the culture of God by trying to be decent because decency is of God.


“But when you see girls dressed in indecent ways and even governors and the people in power watch them, it is an abomination and yet they go to church and say they worship God. Can you watch the nakedness of a girl and go back to God when the Bible says that a woman is not supposed to be touched but because of decency just have one? Why allow people to be naked and you are watching? Is it not Satanic? That tells you that Satan has taken over everything. Even in government Satan has taken possession and that is why governance has been converted to Satanic activities because if you have the spirit of God, you cannot allow a girl to expose her private part and you are watching. When Adam and Eve saw that they were naked they plucked leaves to cover themselves from shame. Why are you encouraging young girls to open their private part for you to view and want something good to come from governance? It is not  possible”.


Asked if Boko Haram can be stopped, the Seer answered “Yes! Boko Haram can be stopped with decency. Even right here (Osubi), I can stop Boko Haram with decency. I have the powers to stop Boko Haram in my house, if I send the signals through the air. I do not know them but I have the connective air from the air that I can send. I have the powers here in my house if I want to do it within nine days, but I will not do it because I am not Nigeria.


“I am Universal, Nigeria needs to solve her problem. I am just for the world, that is why you see me treat from here to any part of the world. As I am here I treat in Europe, I treat in Asia, in Germany but I am here. That tells you I am not a simple human being, I am a spirit”.


Prodded further if the Boko Haram menace would last long, he declined comment repeating the claim that he is not Nigeria. But to clarify the issue he said, “you do not act without thinking and before you think you must breath in the thinking before it can come to focus. The bad air that sends the signal to them (Boko Haram) to begin to think to kill can be withdrawn from the air. I have the power right here. The airs are there, it is not oxygen arC or carbondioxide”.


Confronted with the fact that there is political confusion in Delta State ahead of the 2015 general elections, the Seer rebuffed saying there is no confusion. He maintained that Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan has never been a governor because the people never voted for him.


Reminded of the vibrancy of the aspiration of Tony Chuks Obuh to succeed Governor Uduaghan, Dr. Avwokerega said Obuh is not an aspirant that one should think about.


“The next governor of Delta State should be an Urhoboman who must be under the guidance of a responsible federal government that should be handed over to Buhari”.


This reporter asked why Buhari should be included in the political discourse of Delta State and he said, “Buhari is the only saint we have in Nigeria.


“I repeat it, Buhari is the only saint and for Nigeria to come to normalcy, it is only Buhari. I have told you this before. Buhari is God sent. I am not a human being, I am a spirit. Uduaghan himself knows that I am a spirit. I am not talking fun. Buhari is the only saint in Nigeria. We should go and beg him and tell him, come Buhari, come. Do not probe anybody, let them go with their illicit wealth. Start from now on, build Nigeria, the oil that Britain and America are stealing stop it, call Russia in. United States is just fooling Nigeria, only Russia is Nigeria’s true friend. Spiritually I know”.


Reminded that the APC of Buhari is seen by common folks as a violent party, the Seer said, “my friend, I do not have party. APC is not my party, I am talking from the perspective of the Universal Law and I am a member of the Entity. I am saying that whether you have APC or PDP or any other party is not what I am saying. But if you want Nigeria to become a stable nation, go and beg Buhari – simple, and do not ever come to me on this topic again”.


Asked the shape Nigeria will take after the 2015 general election, Dr. Avwokerega exclaimed “Oh! No, no, no! Nigeria is a dead country. Everybody is evil and Nigeria is evil. The word Nigeria is evil. In the atmosphere it is evil, in the spiritual world it is evil. Everything about Nigeria is evil. But before it can be changed Nigeria has to go through many metamorphoses. It is going to take a very long time before Nigeria can change. Nigeria is dead. You know cowards die many times before their death; Nigeria is dead so many years ago because the spirit that transformed Nigeria in the 60s is no longer there. Until it has to be recoupled and to be recoupled you have to go back to the spiritual world to bring that emergy back.


“Everybody you are seeing now are beasts. They are animals in human form but having the spirit of animals. That is what you see all over. 82 percent of Nigerians are animals. That is why you see somebody can steal billions of naira of public money and he doesn’t even bother and to change it you have to go to the spiritual atmosphere.

“The way Nigeria was coated after 1960 can also be recoated but it is going to take long. But if I want to do it, it will take me nothing less than three years to do it. And I have the authority, no one else”.


Challenged that there are men of God who are daily praying for the prosperity of Nigeria, the Seer declared, “there are no men of God, there are no prayers, their prayers are satanic prayers.


“There is no iota of God in any house. These houses are worshippers of evil. Let me make it clear, when Jesus was being tempted, Satan said ‘I will give to you all the glories of the kingdoms of the world if only you bow down and worship me and Jesus rebuked him and said get behind me Satan; not Devil because there is a difference between Satan and Devil. Satan is the father of Devil just as you have God and Christ.


“He said get behind me Satan, that it is written you shall worship the Lord your God and Him alone shall you serve. But today, look, Satan has opened the treasuries of the world to all the Pastors,  Bishops, Archbishops and all the rubbish. So, what you see is the kingdom which Jesus Christ refused that is opened for the so called men of God that they are enjoying the take. That is why you see them buying jets and living in opulence. That is the kingdom Jesus Christ refused that Satan has opened for all of them that they are enjoying. So, where is God in it? He conluded.