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One of the burnt churches in Maidiguri

One of the burnt churches in Maidiguri

The Family Harvest Church in Damboru-Ngala near Maiduguri, Borno State, has been burnt down by a group suspected to be Islamic zealots, reports say.

Borno State is one of the strongholds of the notorious Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria.

According to our source who asked to be anonymous, a female member of the church, Obiajulu Sandy was married to Ahmad Sanni, a Muslim but in spite of intense pressure she refused to be converted to Islam.

Sandy said to be in her mid thirties was divorced and already had a son before she met Sanni. She is from one of the eastern States in the country.

Fellow Muslims of Sanni consider Sandy an infidel and frowned at the union.

Consequently they demanded that the marriage be dissolved but if only Sandy would join her husband in the Muslim faith.

But she was adamant and held on to her Christian faith with her husband also not worried.

Sanni’s fellow Muslims continued to pile pressure on the couple and at a point resorted to issuing threats. But the couple would not budge.

In a bid to make them surrender, Sanni was beaten almost to death as a warning.

When the couple would still not surrender, they now threatened to kill Sandy.

Finding the situation uncomfortable and unsafe, she decided to abandon her marital home to go into hiding in the church.

But she was lucky to have escaped with her life when the now very angry group invaded the church where she was hiding.

Angered that they were unable to get at their target, they burnt down the church our source alleged in tears.

Fortunately, no life was lost in the attack which was said happened at a time majority of the members had left the church premises.

As at the time of filling this report, the whereabouts of the lady: Sandy who our source alleged was the reason the Muslim group attacked the church was unknown.

This is one of many sad tales of religious intolerance leading to strife and often bloodshed especially in the northern part of the country