By Abavo Kingsley, Benin


Adams Oshiomhole

Going into the Saturday, 9 March, 2019 House of Assembly election in Edo State, the main opposition political party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is poised to consolidating on the grounds gained in the Presidential election thus going for the final push.

This is as the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) seemingly have become panic stricken.

During the Presidential and National Assembly election, the APC performed badly in Edo South, and woefully in the Central zone.

The Governor, Godwin Obaseki, Secretary to Government, Osarodion Ogie, and the State  secretary of the Party, Lawrence Okah and most leaders, all lost their units, and wards to the PDP.

The APC in Edo South got only two House of Representatives slot, and lost every other to the PDP including the entire Esan land; Edo Central.

Sources said the people including APC members were disenchanted in the party due to sundry reasons.

The Governor, on assumption of office in his avowed decision to prove he was in charge, and re direct the party in line with the dreams and aspiration of his administration was hard on everyone.

Most of the issues that demanded political solution were given the opposite thus not only falling out of favour with the people, but drawing their anger.

He began with the foot soldiers of his benefactor, and political god father, now national Chairman of APC, Adams Oshiomhole.

Comrade Osakpamwam Eriyo who was chairman, Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria (RTEAN) following disagreements, was thrown into prison for at least six months thus bruising his hitherto bloated ego.

Taiwo Olajide a.k.a Shaba, Tony Adun Kabaka for example, were reduced to nothingness, and made irrelevant in the scheme of things. Most leaders of the party were not rightly treated either, reliable sources said.

Another example, at Egor during the Local Government Council election last year, the Governor also operated his philosophy which could best be described as the crocodile eating it’s own eggs.

Hiding under the guise of consensus, the peoples’ will was sacrificed for imposed candidates.

Some aggrieved persons daring to challenge this attracted the Governor’s anger.

Consequently, a particular aspirant (identity withheld) was detained with trumped up charges and prosecuted in court but later discharged and acquitted for want of evidence to convict him.

This persecuted aspirant is said to be one of the founders of APC right from its days as Action Congress (AC), and the party strong man in Ward 9 who had always mobilized and delivered in the past sometimes at the risk of his life.

The Governor is alleged to have thrown more residents into prison than any other administration.

He is also been criticized for the eviction of traders from the streets, and walkways, also abandonments of the party in terms of financial patronage until recently.

Though the Governor is nicknamed as ‘wake and see, many are not too pleased with his style of leadership which critics say is too elitist.

Sources say, among what many considered as anti people policies, he placed a standing order barring people including party members from unnecessarily coming to the Government House except on official business.

This is a sharp departure from the past which makes it strange and offending to the people.

In reaction, the people have patiently waited to take back their pound of flesh and the elections presented this opportunity.

In the Presidential and national Assembly election, the Obaseki administration allegedly did hugely mobilized his party members financially to deliver for it but the results turned soured.

Feeling bitter, the Governor was said to have convened series of meetings to reconcile whatever differences that exists even as he was quoted to have given the marching order to leaders at the various levels to ensure the party gets victory in the State’s Assembly election.

Allegedly, the APC in it’s panic has vowed to win at all cost even as the opposition; PDP encouraged with their outing in the Presidential and national Assembly election, wants to again  repeat the feat.