By Jon Egie



Pst Godwin Ube

Pst Godwin Ube

The Regional Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, Midwest Region 36,  Ughelli 2; Pst Godwin Ube has expressed dissatisfaction with the dynamics of governance in Delta State under Governor Okowa.

In an exclusive interview, the cleric expressed his pleasure that the governor, Sen Dr Ifeanyi Okowa is a Christian who by grace is a child of God. But said he was uncomfortable with the hues and cries as well as lamentation of Deltans about the Okowa administration and as such desired to meet Okowa one on one for a talk and pray for the progress of the State.

The cleric decried the reverberated claim of lack of funds to ameliorate the sufferings of Deltans stressing that it had never been so bad in previous administrations.

“When Ibori was governor projects were commissioned here and there but for the past nine years I have not seen any project commissioned. How can a governor commission a street road project? It is irritating.

He observed that politicians elected into public offices in Delta State were already jostling for a second term in office when they have not even finished their first tenure and hence, charged such politicians to be committed to their mandate and seek the face of God for permission before embarking on a journey for a second tenure.

“How are you sure you can make it? Have you asked God? A lot of politicians are not supposed to be on the seats they occupy because they did not ask God for it and as such we have so many square pegs in round holes.

“When you rig an election to occupy the seat God has not given to you, you cannot have the desired peace because you stole something that you need to return. If you stole a mandate you need to return it because God has not given it to you. It is only he one that God gave that is covered with grace to pilot the affairs of the state or country and once the grace is not there, disgrace will come in.

“What do you mean by second tenure, have you finished the first one? If you finish the first one go and ask God, can I go for a second tenure? And if God says yes, then the grace will follow you. Forget about money acquired, it will not work. First, ask God for divine direction. It is not a matter of taking money to pastor in the church and they clap for you, what is God saying about you? Ask God and your way will be clear.

“I want to talk to Governor Okowa one on one because he is a Christian and by grace, a child of God. There are things that I see that need to be done, I love him as a human being and as a Christian but he should look critically at Delta State and how the state can be better. May be his aides are not telling him the truth because he cannot be everywhere.

“I will like to talk to him on what will benefit his future and when the people are happy heaven will be happy. There is nothing happening in Delta State now. I do not understand the agenda of the governor; I have not seen any project executed by the governor. I was privilege to go to Ekiti State which is a non-oil producing state and I marveled at the projects they are doing there. Yes, Okowa cannot do all but let him just do three major projects that will make the people happy and praise God and say, this our governor is trying. Go to Rivers State, Anambra, Akwa Ibom; go to some states in the North, they are working. I traveled round Delta State but I have not seen any project on ground, I do not know whether they are in the pipeline. I will like to reach the governor to talk and pray so that Delta State will be better.