*Endorses Okowa for second term


By Jon Egie/Godwin Utuedoye




Hon Joseph Uhawha addressing members of the group during the meeting in Ewu-Urhobo.

Hon Joseph Uhawha addressing members of the group during the meeting in Ewu-Urhobo.

The Agitators for Good Governance have rejected the aspiration of Hon Taleb Tebite for election into the DTHA saying the attempt is selfish, wicked and smacks of non-communal fraternity.

In a well attended meeting, the group in strong term dissociated itself from such agitation which is being fronted by some self acclaimed Eghwu and Olomu leaders calling on Hon. Taleb Tebite from Olomu axis who has completed two tenure in the house to run for the 2019 House of Assembly election against Jeremi axis. The group said it is wrong and will bring division and crisis to the local government area whereby only the strong will carry the day.

Agitators for Good Governance of Nigeria noted that Eghwu and Olomu having  successfully completed their two term tenure each in the House of Assembly, Jeremi axis which is the third bloc must also be allowed and supported to complete her two term before rotating same.

Going down memory lane, the chairman of the group, Hon. Joseph Uhawha disclosed that in Ughelli South Local Government Area, there are five positions which are normally shared among the three blocs amongst which is the Local Government Chairman, the Party Chairman, House of Assembly position, Council Secretary and the Local Government Education Secretary. He revealed that elders from the local government area had earlier met and made arrangement for zoning which has been in existence.


A cross section of the group after the meeting

A cross section of the group after the meeting

The group said it would be unfair to deprive Jeremi of completing her second tenure just as Eghwu has been deprived of completing its six years chairmanship term, and thereby stated that the Eghwu axis will not, and had never supported the idea, adding that anyone from Eghwu axis who had in one way or the other supported, endorsed such oppressive idea is neither representing the people of Eghwu Ward 1, 2 and 3 but only speaking on his or her own.

Speaking further to representatives of Eghwu ward I, II and III who attended the meeting in their numbers, Hon. Joseph Uhawha unequivocally stated that to ensure fairness and equity, the remaining axis which has done only one term should be allowed and supported to complete its second term rather than shifting from the zoning formula which has been reached for years, and as such, the Agitators for Good Governance of Nigeria, AGGN, condemned in its entirety such move by some selfish and greedy politicians whose aim is only to selfishly enriched themselves.

Hon. Uhawha lamented the poor representation of the Eghwu axis over the years where two or three persons will secretly meet and take selfish decisions on behalf of the entire Egwhu axis. He said such leaders have never attracted any development to the area nor have their decisions empowered anyone from the axis but only themselves and family.

He recalled the recent happenings in the local government when empowerments meant for the youths were manipulated and hijacked by those who called themselves leaders, a situation he condemned and assured that come 2019, the group will stop any selfish leader who has been depriving the community of their benefits.

While reassuring members of the group’s preparedness to work with only credible and honest candidate, Hon. Uhawha said the Agitators for Good Governance of Nigeria, AGGN, has put machinery in place to ensure every member and persons from Eghwu axis is duly registered and get their Permanent Voter Card, PVC, this he said; is to enable the party secure good number of votes before the 2019 general election.

He urged all who have not gotten their voter’s card or who have not register to write down their names as the AGGN has concluded plans to bring INEC officials to the community to register such persons, adding that the PVC is the power of every citizens to exercise his or her franchise.

The group also used the medium to endorsed Governor Okowa for second term in office. They stated that the only benefit they have received came through the effort of the governor whom they said approved and completed the Eghwu-Orere Road. They called on Deltans to ensure equity and justice when taking the decisions as it is the turn of Delta North to complete their two term tenure, and should be allowed to do so.

Others who also spoke at the enlarged meeting included, Mr. Ugbogure Oteri, Mr. Opharomavua Monday, Comrade Nath and many others from the different wards.