By Kingsley Abavo




Enoie Osanogwu Onaighise leading his subjects in a recent public event

Enoie Osanogwu Onaighise leading his subjects in a recent public event

This is as claim by a group of youths that Ekose village is autonomous from Evboewedo Dukedom under the ruler ship of HRH, Enogie Evboewedo Osanogowu Onaighise in Uhunmwode Local Government Area of Edo State, has been debunked.

Recently, a group of youths who allegedly operates under the umbrella of the banned Community Development Association [CDA], and led by John Asenoguan a.k.a ‘Chop Money’ as chairman, were said to had issued a statement on ‘Speed FM Radio’ Benin saying Ekose village was autonomous.

They reportedly said the village is autonomous under the ruler ship of an Odionwere (village traditional Head]; and not a part of Evboewedo Dukedom.

Therefore, its natives are not subjects of HRH Evboewedo Osanogowu Onaighise Iduriase, Enogie of Evboewedo.

The statement was said to had been signed by Omorogieva , and Imasuen.

In swift reaction, a group of leaders of the village under the aegis; ‘Concerned Ekose Natives’ condemned the claim saying it was dubious, self serving, misleading, and should be disregarded by everyone.

“The youths are deviants who still operate under the cover of the proscribed notorious CDA in the Southern part of Edo State “, they stated.

They have caused a lot of havoc in the area which scared away developers’ even reputable elders and leaders of the village who have been forced to relocate in the last three months, it was said.

Richard Oduware Ehorutomwen, a retired civil servant, reiterated that the youths claim was wrong as there was nowhere in Benin history it was recorded that Ekose is autonomous adding it has always been under Evboewedo Dukedom which also comprises another village; Uhegie.

Alex Abunmwetin Edomwandekhoe, a retired school principal, corroborating Richard said; “There is hardly anything they (youths) have not done. They attack every person that is against their acts. The boys doing this havoc are all below 30 years of age.

“They have no other thing to do; they refused to go to school and have also refused to learn a trade. All they do daily is to engage in CDA activities; land grabbing and speculation.

“Thrice these boys have been dragged before the Benin Monarch Palace and ruling was in favour of Enogie Onaighise and his supporters yet they have remained adamant.

Describing the youth group as undesirable element, Edomwandekhoe appealed to the Edo State Government, Benin Monarch and Police to urgently take more decisive action to stop the prevailing situation in Ekose to enthrone peace once again.

Paul Aghazeye Aifuwa former CDA chairman, Evboewedo before the ban on November 4, 2016 speaks in the same vein.

“We appeal that the Government and Benin Monarch should urgently come to our aid if not, we might be losing lives and property in the prevailing ugly situation.

“We can no longer go to our village because of fear of the unknown.”

Also speaking, Osaro Iseleromon said Ekose and Evboewedo are one and the same as he recalled how his father used to pay royalty to the Enogie of Evboewedo.

This is as Osaigbovo Ehigiamusoe who was in 2014 made chairman, CDA of Ekose village by the Odionwere; Omoregieva Ogbonmwan wondered.

“The Odionwere who said then that he was a loyalist of the Enogie, what is now his reason of appointing another person as a CDA chairman even when the Oba of Benin had banned them?”

The ‘Concerned Ekose Natives’ laments that the ravaging youths continue to manipulate the ‘Odionwere’, his second – in – command, and the third in the hierarchy of leadership because of their physically challenged state, to cause havoc in the area.

Members of the public should beware and refrain from doing any land business with these youths but contact HRH Enogie Onaighise’s Palace for clearance and directive in line with the Edo State Law and Benin Monarch’s proclamation which banned CDA and its activities, they said.

Other members of the Concerned Ekose Natives are; Osaigbovo Ehigiamusoe, Mathew Aifuwa, Peter Aifuwa, Philip Aifuwa, Peter Iseleremon, Pulley Joseph Okaeben and Solomon Guobadia.

Also; Harrison Orobor, Monday Guobadia,n Efe Okaeben, Joseph Guobadia, Osemwengie Asenoguan, Osagioduwa Orobor and H.O. Osaghae