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Rev. Dr. Diamond Emuobor is the Bishop of Holy Trinity Gospel Mission. In this interview with Jon Egie he speaks on the ongoing crisis in Libya saying the uprising in the Middle East is a gang up against Israel. He stresses that Libya among other North African nations was originally Christian nations before they were overran by Islam. It is his belief that the uprising in the Middle East and the crisis in Libya is a sign that God wants to reclaim the land of Libya to Christianity.


Our Lord Bishop, there has been protracted uprising in the Middle East, what biblical interpretation can you give to the uprising in the Middle East?

The uprising in the Middle East, what I can say about it just now is about the ganging up of the Arab world against Israel. Iran has said that they will wipe out Israel from existence, that nobody will know that there was Israel again and that America will fail woefully as America cannot help Israel because of what they have now, which is intoxicating the young man who is there today and who has been the leader of the revolution of the Arab world against the Zionists. Now, the foolishness of the leaders of this world in quote, open and closed, foolishness of the leaders of countries who came into their positions by what cannot be defined as godly or democratic; they have not known who Israel is. The whole world must recognize that Israel is the senior son of God on Earth after Jesus Christ. And anybody that touches Israel is touching God Himself the creator of heaven and earth. The man who created intelligence of conscious mind, science and every thing and He could turn your science against you in your own house as it happened to king Senacherib of Isaiah 38. He came to Hezekiah to tell him that God has asked him to deal with Hezekiah and while he was there boasting through his own general, he had information that people had invaded his own community. He raced back to his Juju house to go and chant incantation before he went out. There his two sons killed him in his own shrine. God should not be misapplied in our dealings Israel is number one, if you love Israel you love God.

So what is happening in the Middle East right now, the leaders of these countries should sit down together. Nobody can conquer Israel in the world. Nobody… nobody in the world, America cannot conquer Israel, if America ventures to point their fingers of accusation against Israel that is the end of America. I say it without mincing words. Israel is the son of God so anybody who concocts any evil or sits down together to hold any executive meeting in order for them to undo Israel that will be the beginning of that country or those people’s suffering.

Do you see the uprising in the Middle East as being remote controlled or prompted by the leadership of Iran?

Iran cannot remote control but the agreement, the bible says though hands join in hands, the sinner shall not go unpunished. Any accomplice with evil must share in the damnation that evil brings. So, any country that sits down to discuss and affirm that Israel must be wiped out, any country that contributes their interest of wiping Israel from existence, the water must splash on that country. Whosoever, youth or adult, every human being on earth should hear this very soundly. Don’t use your corrupt economy, corrupt religion or corrupt anything to try to attempt to disgrace Israel, no! God says no.

So Sir, do you see the whole uprising as being catalysed by religion so that at the end of the day religious fanatics will take over the leadership of the Arab world and gang up against Israel?

Look, Israel is a democratic nation, beautifully democratic. She is not a sit down tight nation. Of all the countries in the Middle East where there is uprising right now, you have leaders who have been on seat for 42 years, one man squad. You have those who have been sitting there for 30 years. What will one man and his children be doing in leadership for 30 years and other people don’t know anything about what you are doing in the country? Even if it were to be a family issue, you should give other people the opportunity to learn to do what you think should be done in the country. Politically, their stay in office for more than 30 years, 40 years is an aberration to good leadership. And so, God can ignite anything against those people who think… even in Cameroun here, Paul Biya, has been there for decades and will not allow other people to be there. In Nigeria we saw it some years ago, one man said his head fits all the caps and he was removed by prayer. God does not do that in democracy. Democracy is the will of men not God but since it is human admittance to lead a country that way, then allow things to be done. If the people vote you back, not by manipulation as they do every time, it is that manipulation that is boomeranging now.

Don’t manipulate, if they say come and lead, you lead. If they say don’t lead, you have led for four, five years, sit at home, be an adviser, be a father to your nation, do your carrot selling and your tomato selling and then you are saving the nation. The whole nation is not your property.

Do you think that Islam as a religion has a functional role to play in the concept of leadership?

I don’t want to talk about Islam because I am not a Muslim. I don’t know what they believe and I don’t know what is obtaining there. I only know about what obtains in Christianity and Christianity is the only organization that God has established on earth through his son Jesus Christ, any one according to John 14:6, Jesus is the way, the truth and light and no man can profess to be serving God except he is serving him through Jesus Christ; anybody who is doing anything outside Jesus Christ, that man, that woman, that country, that person is on his own. They will answer God when he calls. So I don’t know.

Humanity crisis has cropped up as a result of this uprising, what do you expect Christian nations that are surrounding the Middle East to do in terms of assistance?

Already the spirit of love among Christians is giving assistance to those who need true assistance but what happened in the case of Gaza and Israel, you know the countries who said they were going to assist Gaza, they were quarrying guns and ammunitions through the food and medicine they said they were bringing especially with Russia as their brother, using all kinds of their cronies to bring all kinds of ammunition to Gaza for Gaza to fight Israel and that was their own undoing. So, Christian organization all over the world, for people who are suffering and they were seen to be suffering, they give helping hands. But if they are depending on their religion and they are fighting for their religion we cannot fight for their religion because we are not in that religion.

Sir, do you draw a relation between the Daniel Dream of the big statue which tells about the rise and fall of kingdoms and the uprising in the Middle East?

Eschatological, we have reviewed that and it is going to metamorphose in the form that if the United Nations fail now. There is going to be another arm like it is shooting out already in the European Union. The European Union is rearing its head, our interpretation through there is coming up but we are going to see other forms. I am not ready with that explanation now. Next time I will give you the full details of how the big tree of Daniel is to work. The reason I left that off since 1977 it appeared to weigh me down with fear that the world was going to end immediately. My calendar was putting before me daily what the world was progressing into. I was interpreting every occurrence in every nation with the tree of Daniel and I was a little bit scared so I kept it off. It was stopping me from evangelizing because there are people who are sinners all around me who I should ask to come and believe in Jesus rather I was sleeping with fear of what was going to happen to them and that was not the love that Jesus brought, so that made me leave the eschatological interpretation notwithstanding; the European Union is an arm of those that is about to happen. What happened recently in their choice of trying to get a president, trying to get one currency and all the rest of them; all these are embedded in Daniel’s dream interpretation. But sincerely speaking, what is happening just now, the United Nations is not dissolved yet, it is still in place. This may be the dregs of the things that people have left unswept that is happening in the Middle East because of their political tendencies.

Simplistically, if you are in a democratic movement or leadership, you don’t become the only person that should be in leadership for 30 years, 42 years. You shouldn’t.

How will you describe the person of Maummar Ghadaffi in his present disposition to his people?

Maummar Ghadaffi is suppressing his people, he is trying to traumatize them to submission that he is the only one that is wise and his children in Libya. Now, ideally Libya was a Christian country. Libya, Tunisia, Algeria were Christian countries. I think it was either in Algeria or in Tunisia that the New Testament was canonized. Our brother who interpreted the Trinity, came from Algeria, who wrote very much about Trinity. Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan these were Christian countries down to earth that were over-ran by Islam and they submerged them to Islam control and all the rest. Now, the foundation of the country means much to the founder of the world. If the foundation of Libya is on Christian ethics and any other religion came to over run it, the owner of the country which is God Almighty can take action any time to reclaim his land and whosoever that is there on aberration will give way to Him.

If the uprising finally settles down, how will it affect global peace and security?

For now the United Nations is putting measures together to tell Ghadaffi who is being sponsored by Russia and Iran to resist, not to give up, accusing Israel and America and not accusing their mismanagement and misleadership; they are putting things together. We are watching the situation, we are praying because the part we have is prayers. Ours is to say to God, don’t harm the fruit and the seed inside of it. The fruit may have been rotten outside but the seed is still plantable. So, don’t harm the fruit and harm the seed inside of it. The people in Libya they are the seed. Maummar Ghadaffi may be fruit. If Maummar Ghadaffi is wrong not Libya that is wrong. It would be him and him alone. So God should spare. That is the prayer we are praying to Libya. God should spare the righteous ones among them and cause them to have a laugher after a while.

Will the state of Israel be safe during and after the uprising?

Israel is a nation fortified by God. They will be safe. Now the safety you are asking is there may be some incursions from different sides to cause some agitation or squeezing or may harm in Israel, it is always so. Like it happened in Suleija now, that one caused fear for Nigerians who went on a rally for the person they want to vote for. Is it wrong now for people to campaign? That person who threw that bomb there, what was his reason of throwing the bomb into a crowd of people who were just localizing their campaign. Israel is safe in the hands of Almighty God as long as they remain obedient and tied to the apron of God’s instruction, anybody who comes against Israel will be hitting the stone with all their guns and all the rest.

Nigeria is a very religious country, do you think this mass madness in the Middle East will spread to Nigeria?

That Nigeria has had this long history of religious uprising especially in the Northern part of this country is because the Christians are told not to retaliate. In Urhobo land we are told that you beat a lazy man to become strong, in another parable they say the fight of a lazy man makes the strong man tired. Any effect, anything being done outside the country to another country, it depends on the people of that country accepting the over flow. If it is in the spirit of the people of that country that the overflow of such problems from another country to their own should be entertained they will entertain it but if they say no, we don’t want it, it will be contained, whosoever dreams of it, it will be contained in the room of the person perpetuating it. I don’t expect the overflow because nobody has two heads, everybody has one only one head.

What lesson would you advice Nigerian leaders to learn from what is happening in the Middle East?

Here already in Nigeria I am happy with the leadership change except for those who want to stay and stay alone. They shouldn’t plant the seed that will boomerang on them. Like some of them who have been in the Senate for three terms they still want to go for a fourth term. Those of them who are in the House of Assembly still want to go back. If the community is your own community then we train younger ones to become like us. The women should advise their husbands to be contented, to tell them my husband sugar no good for only ants, it is also good for human being as well.

Thank you Sir.