By Abavo Kingsley, Benin


Mr Aigbokhabho Isah

President Muhammadu Buhari has been charged to get on board competent hands to handle the economy as Nigerians eagerly await his constitution of a new cabinet.

This is very important to avoid the crisis experienced in the sector during the first tenure of the President.

A Benin based law practitioner, and public affairs analyst, Aigbokhabho Miminu Isah gave the charge in a chat with our correspondent last Monday.

The Buhari led administration in the first tenure performed averagely especially in the economy, and security sectors Isah said while rating its performance.

The last time out the economic team was not competent enough; a factor that was obviously responsible for the hard time Nigerians experienced and still going through, he said.

Also, in the security sector the administration did not do too well even as there can never be absolute security anywhere in the world.

Isah argued “if the economy is bad, there cannot be security. If there is no food for the people, invariably there will be crime and when there is crime, there is bound to be insecurity.”

“So if he is putting together his economic team now, he should be able to appropriately select those who are in touch with the real challenges in the country, and not persons based on political inclination or other mundane influences.”

If government is able to effectively tackle challenges in the economy, insecurity threats will be minimized, Isah said.

He adds, that the President as the commander in – chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria, expectedly should be able to learn from his past mistake in terms of been proactive fighting insecurity.

Continuing, Isah charged the new administration of the President to also improve its performance in infrastructural development, and power which he scored very low in the last tenure.

Also, the health sector,  according to him, Nigerians did not feel the impact of the federal government in this sector.

Hence in the new tenure, especially the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) should be expanded to accommodate the very ordinary citizens.

“However, I think the administration did so well in the area of infrastructure building, roads and particularly in the railways” Isah said.