By Ovie Igho Vivian

Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan, Gov. of Delta State

Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan, Gov. of Delta State

Ogwashi-Uku is a Local Government Area, located in Anoicha South. It consists of a community and a polytechnic known as Delta State Polytechnic, Ogwashi-Uku.

Ogwashi-Uku lacks social amenities which every other local government area has to prompt development and encourage people to stay and live a comfortable life, but in Ogwashi-Uku reverse is the case.


When we talk of social amenities in a community we mean the features or facilities which every community should have to make life easy for the people living in it, such as electricity, water, good road etc.

Electricity is one of the major problems in Ogwashi-Uku in which the government has refused to look into. Honestly, the plight of the people living in the environment is so awful to think about. Students were sent there to acquire knowledge by their parents, but how can such a student cope or study effectively along with sound of generators?

According to Ossai Famous who is an indigene of Ogwashi-Uku “I have been living in Ogwashi-Uku for 5 years and went into charging of phone business due to no job and no light in the community. I have been into the business for 2 years and charge (N40) per phone. The business has been moving well but has been a competitive business out here”. How can people living in such community be aware of things happening in his or her state/country? Such people won’t be carried along. People also survive by using generator to run their various business such as, business centre, restaurant, barbing saloon, people now engage in charging of phone business in which per phone cost fifty naira to charge, and generators are the only source of electric power for people to charge their phones.

Another problem is water which is essential for life because without water there will be a chaos in a community, now water can be freely used during the rainy season. How about the dry season? What will people do?

During the period of rainy season people source and store water to bath, cook, wash, water their farm products. There will be no expense of buying tank of water that cost between five thousand to six thousand naira (N5, 000 to N6, 000) into reservoir. I am a living witness, I, Ovie Igho Vivian was in the lecture hall on Monday receiving lecture on GNS 121 when suddenly I perceive an offensive smell which oozed from a female student, not knowing she has not taken her bath on that fateful day and she quickly understood my state and had to say I’m sorry for not taken her bath that morning due to lack of water, they don’t easily get water at where she live, and which is very bad, a student at that matter.

During the dry season, the people in Ogwashi-Uku live a hard life due to cost of buying of water to bath, cook, drink, wash and water their farm products.

According to Umukoro Evelyn who is a non-indigene but reside in Ogwashi-Uku “I have been living in Ogwashi-Uku for 2 years, I and my family buy water to bath, a tank of water cost between five thousand to six thousand naira (N5,000 to N6,000) and that my family can’t use the water for drinking or cooking, we had to buy bags of water for drinking only and had to go to Asaba at NNPC station to buy water for cooking”. In this, some people now engage into selling of water in which per bucket cost twenty naira (N20) in other to earn a living and to meet their needs. How long will people continue to live like this in our father’s land? Water is a free gift of nature yet we live like strangers why?

The last problem I want to bring to notice to the Government is good road. Good road is a link that leads other roads from other towns to a particular place in order for people to transact business together effectively. Can someone transact good business with people in Ogwashi-Uku? The answer is no because Ogwashi-Uku lack good road that lead to other small clans around it. The money been collected from federal allocation is used to develop various states; local government etc. then why is Ogwashi-Uku left behind? This is a question in the mind of people in Ogwashi-Uku in terms of good road, water and electricity.

The challenge is that government should provide good road, supply good electricity and pipe borne water for people living in that community in order for them to live well especially students from other towns, states and out side Delta State.

Finally, to attract investors be it foreign or not to establish various business establishment for the development of Ogwashi-Uku entirely.

Ovie Igho Vivian is a student of Mass Communication, Delta State Polytechnic, Ogwashi-uku