By Jimmy Lace

EFFORTS being made by the Federal Government to boost power supply has taken a step further as FENOG Nigeria Limited on Monday, recorded another impressive milestone for the nation as it successfully completed the Escravos/Warri/Lagos Gas Pipeline Project in twenty-one day, a development that would further help to boost gas supply to power plants in the country.

FENOG International pipelay derrick barge

FENOG International pipelay derrick barge

Speaking on the successful River Crossing of Chanomi Creek on Escravos/Warri/Lagos Gas Pipeline, the Executive Director of FENOG Nigeria Limited, Mr. Matthew Tonlagha explained that it would take gas from the Nigerian Gas Company (NGC) in Warri to the EGTL project in Escravos.


According to him, it took FENOG exactly twenty-one (21) days to carry out this rare achievement to the nation, saying that the firm delivered on time even before the deadline given by the Federal Government and the NNPC.

In his words, “Recently, during the visit of the Group Executive Director, Gas and Power, NNPC, Dr. David Ige during his inspection of the Escravos/Warri/Lagos Gas Pipeline Project that we are handling, I promised NNPC and the Federal Government that we in FENOG will double our efforts in completing the project because of the vital nature of the project to the country. As soon as the NNPC officials led by Dr. Ige left our site, we increased our manpower and equipment and the good news now is that on Monday, April 16, 2012; we successfully completed the River Crossing of the Chanomi Creeks.”

“The Chanomi Creek River Crossing is a very big project and if not because of our HDD Technology that we deployed for the project, it would have been difficult to complete that kind of project in a record time. Because of our HDD Technology we did the project for three weeks; each pipe is 45m depth, we made it so because the Chanomi Creek is a route for all ships and because of future dredging too, hence we buried the pipes to that extent,” the FENOG boss stated.

According to him; “Right now, we have met the Federal Government demand on the Chanomi River Crossing, we have completed it and it is just to hook it up with the pipeline.”

He explained further that; “This project is going to deliver gas from Escravos Gas Plant to Warri and Lagos to feed the power plants and other industries that the Federal Government has agreement with on gas supply.”

“At the moment, we are doing flushing and at the same time doing the major hooking up to the Chanomi River Crossing that we have just completed because all the other aspects from the Chanomi to Escravos have been laid successfully, and we have also laid that of Chanomi to Warri; it is just that middle piece to cross the river that is remaining… We started from Escravos River Crossing which is from the Chevron side to Warri,” Mr. Tonlagha said.

He added that; “The Chanomi area of the project was delayed a little because of the recent protest of the Gbaramatu women asking for a better deal from the Federal Government and Chevron, good enough; the Federal Government and Chevron have resolved that matter. With the completion of this project, definitely there will be improved power supply nationwide because as you know the EGTL is a very big gas plant, it is the biggest gas plant in the whole of Africa and that is where this gas is going to pass through and so is going to help the nation greatly.”

He said that when the project was successfully completed on Monday, “I felt on top of the world because we at FENOG were able to fulfill our promise on quick delivery of the project to the Federal Government. As you know, I had earlier assured the Federal Government and NNPC that we will not fail to meet the deadline and this was as a result of the confidence that we have in the Nigerian Content. We are the biggest in Africa in HDD Technology and our HDD equipment is brand new and the HDD Technology helped us a lot in delivering the project to the Federal Government earlier than expected. Now, we have been able to prove to the whole world that this is a technology that they should key into and this is even while the Amukpe Escravos Crude Oil Pipeline that we are handling for Pan Ocean is going on smoothly with our HDD Technology.”