In the face of threat of Boko Haram gaining ground in the south especially with the presence of so many strange faces, allegedly people of Fulani descent besieging the nooks and cranny of local neighbourhood in the south of Nigeria, Bishop Diamond Emuobor of Holy Trinity Church spoke to Jon Egie in this interview. He encourages Christians not to fear that God will verily come to the rescue if only they can pray.



Bishop Diamond Emuobor

Our Lord Bishop, the wolves are here. You have been warning and now the wolves are here. How prepared is the leadership of the church to protect the sheep?

We have been praying prayer is our weapon. The church of Jesus Christ has God, the Almighty creator of the whole world who gives us instruction that each time we are infracted, we should call on him. The church is prepared to pray and our prayer will be answered by God who has always answered our prayers from time immemorial.

Earlier you charged Christians to sell their coats and buy a sword for their self defense. Is that charge still relevant?

Individuals will do that. Everybody has right to defend himself. Before you go to bed at night don’t you lock your door? That is your self defense. Do you not have a cutlass to clear your compound? That is your self defense. When you are going out of your compound do you not lock your gate? That is your self defense. That has been there, it is natural and must remain but collectively, the church from time immemorial, 2 Chronicle, and in all places; Jesus asked us to talk to Him and when we talk to Him, He used the frogs to fight Pharaoh in Egypt, he used the dust to fight the Amalekites. Our God has an army that cannot be counted for number. He used the ground in the times of Moses to fight against those who were opposed to Him. The ground can become our weapon but the strategy we have to access all these numerous weapons of God is prayer. If we ask Him to, He will do. He even used lice to attack Pharaoh and finally, he used death, killing every first born of Egypt. The church should not be toyed with. We have an array of ammunition which is arranged in wasps, bees, water even thunder; God has these as His army to fight and deal with any insurgent. But the church needs to come together. When the church came together in the days of Jehoshaphat, the enemies killed themselves, when the church came together and prayed in the time of Senacherib, 185 soldiers slaughtered themselves. The church did not sling a stone. Prayer is our weapon and the church is coming together to pray to God, to ask God to do the necessary and He will do it.

You harp on prayer but presently, Southern Nigeria is under siege by Islamist fundamentalists, and don’t you think the Christian states in the south will soon be overrun?

Exodus 13 and 14, God told Moses, the Egyptians you see today you shall see them no more and forever. Besieging does not cause anything, God has the final say and the God of the church will speak at last and that will be all. No matter how numerous the enemy of the church may be…talking about the enemy of the church, it is only the enemy of the church that God is going to fight because anybody who rises against the name of Jesus Christ; when Jesus died the enemies armed themselves with guns to go and watch the grave that he should not rise. When Jesus was about rising they fell down and pretended that they were sleeping and lied that when they were sleeping his disciples came and carried him away. That same God is the God we are serving, the God that answers by thunder. God is not caught unawares. It is not too early, it is not too late. At the appropriate time, as the church prays, God will answer and He will defend His name and His people.

You were once a CAN Chairman, how did you react when your fellow CAN Chairman was beheaded by these enemy of the church?

He is already in heaven, he is not in hell. Jesus told us to be ready that anybody who kills us will be thinking he is doing the will of God. So, if any Christian is killed by those who think they are doing the will of God, then they are missing the point. Anybody that is killed is at the bossom of Abraham. No strand of hair of the church will be lost. Anybody who persecutes the church thinking that they will be making the church to be afraid to submit to heathenism; it is Satan who boasted with God in heaven in Ezekiel 28, that the angels of God will even bow to him. He is a liar. It did not happen. God is the creator of heaven and earth. Every grain of sand and every grain of dust is owned by God and when He wills, He employs it to do His will and there will be a total annihilation. When God rose up in the days of Noah and destroyed the world with flood nobody escaped. We are not perturbed at all. Our prayer is our weapon.

How would you encourage Christians now because the threat is real and visible?

Resort to prayers. Close your mouth, fast and call members of your assembly and say, let us pray at every given time as reflected in Psalm 105. God led the children of Israel through the desert for 40 years, not even their sandals got cut on the way, the clothes they wore did not get torn, and none of them was sick one day because God was leading them. That is why David said yea, even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for God is with me, His rod and His staff comfort me and He prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies. Yes, God is God. The God of the church, Jesus Christ is his name. He came here, he suffered in the hands of the unbelievers, and they killed him. He was buried, on the third day he did not leave his finger nail in the grave. He resurrected whole body and ascended into heaven whole body in the presence of people, not carried by helicopter or aero plane. He walked into heaven. That is our God. He is able and we are confident about Him that He will do the necessary.

Thank you Sir.