By Jon Egie



Chief Henry Olori during the press briefing

Chief Henry Olori during the press briefing

The suspension of Senator Pius Ewherido by the leadership of the Democratic People’s Party (DPP) has been described as a ruse, a nullity, a complete sham and an action lacking in tenable locus standi.

Chairman of the DPP in Delta Central, Chief Henry Olori, made the declaration during a press briefing held at the Jabin Olori Motel, Ughelli; Thursday, May 2 in reaction to the suspension order slammed on Chief Pius Ewherido, Senator representing Delta Central on the platform of the DPP at the Upper House of the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Chief Olisaemeka Akamukali, acting national chairman of the DPP on Monday, May 1st at Asaba by the leadership of the party.

Chief Olori said from the onset, the purported suspension is a nullity as events have already overtaken the action of those involved in the suspension of Ewherido.

He explained that in March 2013, the National Executive Committee of DPP met in Abuja and resolved to join the All Progressives Congress (APC) and consequently, a 12-man committee was set up to work with leaders of APC to work out the interest of DPP members in the mega party.

Subsequent meetings were held with leaders of APC culminating in a special convention of the party held on August 30, 2013 in Abuja with DPP leaders across the country in attendance. At the meeting, the DPP national auditor, Muhammed Yahaya Jingi moved the motion for the merger with APC and it was unanimously adopted with the implication that as at Wednesday, May 1st, the DPP has already joined the APC.

“It therefore came to us as a laughable step for a handful of disgruntled, self centered, inconsequential, petty and in fact, worthless political bigots to announce the suspension of the only Senator and highest elected office holder in the party, Chief Pius Ewherido”.

Describing the DPP Delta State Chairman, Chief Tony Ezeagwu as a factional chairman “whose stock in trade is reaping handsomely from electoral defeats through unholy financial dealings with the ruling party” and sees the rising electoral profile of the DPP as a threat to his business, he pointed out that “Chief Great Ogboru, the DPP governorship candidate at the last election was at the meeting where DPP resolved to join APC and was in fact one of the 12-man committee members.

“But when it became obvious to him that he will not get the APC governorship ticket unopposed, as usual, he decided to discontinue with the merger”.

He stressed that no faction of the DPP in Delta State has the power to suspend the party’s national leaders or upturn the resolution of the national exco adding that when Rochac Okorocha of Imo State who was elected on the platform of APGA decided to join the merger with his followers, Peter Obi of Anambra State and his followers remained in APGA and the heavens did not fall.

“In our case, the sweeping effect of our move into the APC may have caused serious jitters in the camp of those opposed to the change but we are not bothered. We make bold to state that nobody has been suspended from our party, the factional State chairman is daydreaming and by the time he wakes up he would discover to his chagrin that the change he so much resists has truly come to roost in Delta State”.

Asked to identify the other factional chairman of the DPP having described Chief Tony Ezeagwu as factional, Chief Olori said the identity of the true chairman of the DPP in Delta State shall be disclosed later.

Reacting to another question whether by the Constitution of the DPP the press briefing he was holding was legal, Chief Olori said the press briefing was unconstitutional but that the faction of the party gathered to witness the press briefing were the members of the true faction of the party “after all, Ewherido was not given fair hearing before he was suspended”.