By Christopher Ojeiker



Gov Godwin Obaseki

This is a wake-up call from the Action Democratic Party, (ADP) Edo State Chapter to the Governor Godwin Obaseki led All Progressives Congress administration on its obligation of protecting our environment.

The call becomes imperative as we have noticed with dismay that the government’s attitude towards safeguarding our environment from several channels of harmful pollution leaves much to be desired.

ADP is not impressed with the sing song about making Edo State an investment haven, when  elementary measures of achieving an environment friendly, tension free and welcoming ambience seems so elusive to the government.

It is difficult for us to understand why for instance, poor, hardworking and striving women of Edo State were displaced from their sales points around the King’s square of Benin City , only for these points to be taken over freely by lunatics, destitute and beggars.

Edo has never before witnessed these prolific numbers of lunatics around the Ring Road and on our streets.

In fact, it is believed that because of the government’s nonchalance, lunatics from neighbouring states have flooded Edo where they enjoy immunity.

But even worse than those are the menace and nefarious criminal activities of street gamblers in Benin.

These dare devil conmen, who used to venture out cautiously only in the evenings at close of official hours, are now finally convinced that they are a legitimate brand of Governor Obaseki’s much touted investors.

Their main branch office, staffed with the tardiest and ferocious looking young men, open up promptly around 9a.m every morning, in front of former African Continental Bank, opposite former Leventis building, by the entrance of Sonpkonba Road, Benin City.

Their brazen criminal attitude, when performing their “Abracadabra: the more you look, the less you see”   will convince you about the confidence of these men.

It is troubling that they could operate so brazenly, right in the middle of our city centre prided as our most aesthetic charm to attract investors.

It is also worrisome how such huge con business structure manages to escape the eyes of our law enforcement agents in Benin City.


Ring Road, Benin City

Many Edo people are duped of their money daily in broad daylight by these men with no one to protect them.

Another environmental danger Edo people are exposed to unchecked is the barrage of high noise pollution agents and harmful mobile salespersons all over the State.

Their uncertified, unscientific and unapproved products have flooded Edo State with fearful impunity.

They tell you that they sell everything from phone batteries you may buy for as low as #500, but which will last eternity, to herbal products that can cure Aids, cancer and even Ebola etc.

They usually drive around in rickety vehicles carrying musical speakers with the most blaring noise pollution ever and swoop on communities; whether urban or rural, it does not matter to them, since they know no one checks them.

ADP is worried that apart from the noise pollution and threat to our auditory health, users of their products are further exposed to all sorts of potential life threatening poisoning that put our people’s lives in jeopardy.

We therefore call on the government to be more responsive to finding solutions to these manmade and evil gain driven environmental dangers to Edo people.

Christopher Ojeikere is the Public Relations Officer Action Democratic Party Edo State Chapter