*assures prospective owners of ease in acquiring titles


By Abavo Kingsley



Emotan Gardens model

Emotan Gardens, Edo State government-backed 1,800-unit housing project is designed to give peace, beauty and harmony to prospective owners, Governor Godwin Obaseki has said.

Also, he assured of adequate security and ease in acquiring titles.

The Emotan Gardens is an effort of the Obaseki led All Progressives Congress (APC) administration to provide housing for people of the State.

The project is being developed by the Edo Development and Property Agency (EDPA), through a joint venture partnership with real estate firm, MIXTA Africa.

“The project is going to be a 71-hectare piece of property which is quite extensive and large. Fortunately, the title is very clean and owned by the government.

“The agency of government that is partnering with MIXTA Africa, EDPA has experience in building estates and processing very clean titles promptly. So, you are almost assured that immediately you sign up for purchase, your title documents, your Certificate-of-Occupancy (C-of-O) are guaranteed.


Gov Obaseki’s statement on Emotan Gardens

“I have already signed a master C-of-O for the project. All they need do is sub-divide them for owners who are going to buy,” Obaseki said.

The Governor explained why the choice of MIXTA Africa as partner: “The reason why we partnered with MIXTA Africa is because the company has demonstrable track record in housing construction and development across the continent.

“If you visit the firm’s website, you would see the quality and the kind of development they have undertaken and pioneered in some markets and we felt that if we wanted to invest in real estate of world-class standard, we should go with a partner which has done work of such standard.”

“The project is named after one of the most celebrated women of virtue in Benin Kingdom. For us, the name symbolises beauty, calmness, equanimity. So, we designed and named the Estate to reflect peace, beauty, harmony; those are what Emotan represent in Edo mythology and history,” he stated.