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Olorogun Emerhor O’tega

The attention of the Office of the Most Distinguished Senator Ovie Omo-Agege (The Obarisi of Urhoboland) has been drawn to some distasteful, hateful and libelous media comments credited to Olorogun O’tega Emerhor at an event arranged to choreograph his entry into the Delta Central Senate race. (Vanguard and The Nation of 10/09/2018) While it is not unusual for unqualified lightweights to project false political strengths in election seasons,Emerhor’schoice to stray misguidedly into the senate race with only vile disrespect forhissenator is just too arrogant and provocative to condone. We respect Emerhor’s age, but we are incapable of tolerating such daring nuisance from anyone.

First, it can only take Emerhor who worships every anti-Buhari machination to naively characterise Senator Omo-Agege’s fearless rejection of legislative impunity and tyranny in the senate and unqualified support for President Muhammadu Buhari as “rascality”. It can only take the envious Emerhor to talk down on thepolitically savvy Obarisiwho as a senate candidate in 2015 scoredalmost 10 times more votes than Emerhor who was a so-called governorship candidate. Only Emerhor with zero political leadership accomplishments can laughably dare to compare himself with the Distinguished Senator Omo-Agege – a formidable grassroots political leader and a one-time Commissioner and Secretary to the Government of Delta State.Only Emerhor who boastfully projects himself as the de-facto Supreme Financial Controller of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) can dare to start a race against Senator Ovie Omo-Agege of the famous Agege dynasty with insults and arrogance as his best offerings.

Emerhor’s decision to launch unprovoked attacks on his senator on the bogus claim that certain Urhobo elders and leaders purchased APC senate nomination forms for him to join the senate race may sound musical to his ears but that is a script of cowardice from the playbook of the ‘five fingers of a leprous hand’ infamy of ‘begging’ delusional characters to vie for elective public office. Urhobos are too sophisticated for such childish schemes.

It should be noted that Emerhor is a man who argues and firmly believes that even if most qualified, Urhobos should be arbitrarily disqualified from the 2019 governorship race. He has again taken his disrespect for the Urhobo Nation to a new level by arbitrarily anointing some NDDC contract-seeking hangers-on as the “lders and leaders” of Urhobo. Unlike Emerhor, Senator Omo-Agege does not believe that to be an Urhobo elder or leader, one must be an unstable mind, liar, deceiver and violator of our traditional values.

Surely, the senate is not for unprepared and reluctant characters. It is not a place for people who wish a President of the Federal Republic dead because they did not get ‘juicy’ political appointments after fleecing their parties. Deception is not a requirement for election to the senate. It is not a place for persons whose elders and leaders believe only in questionable NDDC contracts and suspicious financial activities that the EFCC must very soon investigate. Let Emerhor know these now.

We disagree with Emerhor’s thinking that the Urhobo Nation is somehow searching fora subservient senator with a sole agenda to support and worship anti-Buhari forces under the guise of ‘diplomatic representation’. It took the conviction and bold action of Senator Omo-Agege and like-minded senators to stop themalicious targeting of President Buhari by Emerhor’s sponsors when they attempted to dubiously amend Section 25 of the Electoral Act. We are not surprised that Emerhor, achief ‘Kwakwasiyan’, is still angry that Senator Omo-Agege chested out fearlessly as a true patriot to oppose that brazen attempt to usurp INEC’s constitutional power to fix the sequence of elections just to stop Mr. President’s re-election. Emerhor must know now that Senator Omo-Agege will do it again if such legislative rascality against a President were to ever dare to raise its ugly head again.

We believe Emerhor knows his mates in politics. Everyone knows he is still nursing injuries from his disrespectful attempt to dare Senator Omo-Agegeand other respected leaders of the APC during the last congresses of the APC in Delta. He disregarded our senator’s wise counsel on the need to follow His Excellency Comrade Adams Oshiomhole’s trusted leadership. Now, he is paying a price for his political naivete. He can only come out of it if he humbles himself and refrains from disruptive politics. It is in his best interest to accept this free advice and deal with reality.

Finally, we state unequivocally that Senator Omo-Agege welcomes every qualified and competent Urhobo to the Delta Central Senate race. He will always respect every worthy opponent. He prefers healthy and robust debates on how best to advance our people’sbest interests. We will never ever tolerate shenanigans, pettiness, hate and evil from anyone, including Emerhor. Therefore, we now promise and serve notice that if Emerhor dares to continue hisangry mission of vendetta and utter disrespect to the person and office of the Most Distinguished Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, he will be met with fire and fury on any turf he chooses.


Prince Efe Duku

For: The Office of the Distinguished Senator Ovie Omo-Agege.