*Challenges Ovie Omo-Agege to a bout

*Re-enacts 2015 episode


*Alleged of being a mole to PDP


By Jon Egie



Olorogun Emerhor Ortega celebrating the presentation of expression of interest and nomination form for Senate

Frustrated by his inability to have his way, Olorogun Ortega Emerhor has gone wild embarking on a counter offensive to stop Senator Ovie Omo-Agege from being re-elected as senator representing Delta Central Senatorial District in the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Sunday, Sept. 9, Olorogun Emerhor assembled a handful of APC members who are loyal to him in his palatial home at Evwreni to announce that a group of members of the APC has bought and presented the expression of interest and nomination form for him to participate in the race for the Delta central senatorial seat in the red chambers of the National Assembly.

According to reports, those who came together to buy and present the form and as well pressure Olorogun Emerhor to challenge Senator Ovie Omo-Agege in the race are: Sylvester Kowho, Philip Eyagomare, Okiemute Agagaraga, Sam Kowho, Joseph Akporido, Ominimini Obiuwevbi, Gideon Ughere Ukpohwo and Jackson Urhewhu.

Others are Odafe Omene, Paul Akivie, SM Savwede, David Ejinobo, Aatori, Owhoevwo, Owhoekevwo, Igodigi Elijah Abohwoyere, Willie Omohwakpor, Ougbo, Major Onome and Tony Eruke.

They claim that Olorogun Emerhor is a better politician to represent the interest of the Urhobo people in the senate because he is more mature and would employ more diplomatic approaches to protect the image of the Urhobo nation.

But political pundits see the action of the APC chieftain as counterproductive and a re-enactment of the 2015 political episode where Ortega Emerhor engaged Great Ogboru in the governorship race and gave room to the PDP to claim that the Urhobo votes were divided and hence, their easy victory.

Since the battle for who controls and manages the structure of the APC in Delta had been raging and supposedly resolved by the national leadership of the party, loyalists of Ortega Emerhor who are mainly defected members of the PDP had been manipulating the direction of thinking of the APC chieftain and as a source said, “to their personal interests”.

The multitude of the presumed followers of Ortega pitched tent in his camp because of the financial benefits they could make through contract awards from the Executive Director of projects in NDDC, Engr Samuel Adjogbe and not really the collective interest of how the party could win the 2019 elections. Another source said.

This is why critics of the group allege that Ortega Emerhor is a mole working for the PDP, an allegation Ortega has roundly denied.

The Ortega group, believing in their self- imposed numerical superiority, are opposed to the party decision to employ indirect primaries in the election process of candidates of the party for the various elective positions in the 2019 general election. The decision for indirect primaries was taken last week by the leadership of the APC and aware of the fact that he (Emerhor) has no hold on the structure of the party in the state, he became frustrated that his dream of ensuring that the party governorship candidate came from Delta North, in line with the PDP zoning arrangement, to favour his crony for ultimate benefit of his political ambition in 2023, would be dead.

To counter and maybe protest the decision of the party in the state, his loyalists lured him on to challenge Senator Ovie Omo-Agege who is the arch driver of the Ogboru for 2019 project such that, faced by the confrontation, Ovie Omo-Agege would lose focus in protecting and projecting Ogboru to the governorship race and hence, they could negotiate or at worsen ensure that Ogboru fails to emerge as the party candidate for the guber election.


Senator Ovie Omo-Agege during one of his consultation visits

Senator Ovie Omo-Agege during his consultation visits across the senatorial district had maintained that the fight in the party was over. He pointed out that the quarrel was over who would control and manage the structure of the party maintaining that his involvement in the fight was to make sure that the party structure did not fall in to the hands of political merchants.

He also made it clear that he became involved in the fight to stop the attempt to exclude anybody from being legible to contest the governorship election believing that Great Ogboru is abundantly competent to contest and defeat the PDP in the governorship election.

According to him, the fight was fought and won and the existential threats posed by Emerhor and his group had been removed to the extent that the party structure were in his hands and Ogboru would contest the guber election.

The mammoth crowd that trailed his consultation visits across the senatorial district was a testimony of his acceptance by members of the APC to return him to the red chambers and for Ogboru to fly the flag of the party in the governorship election.

So, when on Sunday, Sept.9 news of Emerhor Ortega displaying and indicating interest to challenge Senator Ovie OmO-Agege in the senate race rolled out, members and non members of the party were taken aback.

Commenting on the development, the Assistant state organizing secretary of the party, Hon Barr Igho Arhagba said Olorogun Emerhor as a member of the APC has the right to contest any political position.

“But where we differ is that he and his own defiant group may have agreed on their own primaries but the authentic APC leadership in the state has agreed on indirect primaries so I don’t know how he is going to run his own race. The future will make the situation clearer all we know is that Delta state like many other states in the country has agreed on indirect primaries election as enshrined in the party constitution. And so, he is going to flog it out with Ovie Omo-Agege through indirect primary election.”

Asked if the action of Olorogun Emerhor Ortega portrayed him as a mole for the PDP, Hon Arhagba said: “with time the leopard skin will not be difficult to identify and not very far”.

Hon Bosa Omamuyovwi, an aspirant for the Ughelli South seat in the DTHA in his reaction said: “As far as I am concerned, the behaviuor of Olorogun Emerhor Ortega is a character,  that is completely inconsistent to what is expected of a true born Urhobo son. It is a spoiler action that should not be heard of.

“Brothers quarrel and settle and when it gets to the point of resolution there is no need to rock the boat and if the boat is rocked it will affect all, it may not necessarily affect Ovie Omo-Agege. Ortega is a kingmaker and it will be in his best interest to remain a kingmaker” he said adding that politics is a matter of interest and a man’s interest is in his heart which is deep to understand.

“It is his personal interest but his personal interest should not override the collective interest of members of the APC. What he has done is a personal interest driven to the extreme.”


Chief Great Ogboru speaking during a consultation visit of Sen Ovie Omo-Agege

On his part, Chief Immanuel Ogobene, an  PAC Chieftain in Orogun said: “Ortega has confirmed that he is an agent of PDP, a man born to destroy the progress of Urhobo. He is being deceived by the miscreants who surround him for their pecuniary motives. Ortega is somebody that is well respected in Urhobo land and internationally and for such an important figure to be deceived by some miscreants who cannot afford to feed themselves but claim to have bought the form that cost seven million naira is a huge joke.

“I was a member of the group; they flock at Ortega’s place for daily bread. A witch is not only a person who goes to coven; these persons deceiving Ortega are witches and wizards. I know them. Look at Kowho and his likes, they cannot go to their villages to play politics but sit in Warri to deceive Ortega.

“I appeal to Ortega to come down and learn to be a leader of APC and stop belonging to the group of people who use walking sticks and pretend to be politicians by proxy.”

Reacting, the state party treasurer, Mr Chuks Erhire said every party man has the right and privilege to aspire to any political height and as such Ortega has the right to buy form but “we expect that every member of the party will abide by the rules, we will be waiting for the primaries and whoever emerges will be supported by the party to ensure the party wins the election”

On the social media Anibo Abel in his reaction stated: “Enough is enough for this so called Ortega Emerhor. Somebody who contested governorship position in 2015 and failed woefully, he can’t even win his own unit in Evwreni. What a shame yet he is still ranting. I do not see anything good in the heart of this man, he can’t even win councillorship election let alone senatorial election. He just wants to be relevant and at the same time make a fool of himself. I am worried over him because those the gods want to kill, they first make mad.”

Describing Olorogun Emerhor Ortega as Baba Ijebu, Ekwevugbe Moses said the APC chieftain is driven by his endless and insatiable ambition to have everything to himself.

“A man driven by greed and deceit, truly a political merchant” and hence, called on Urhobo people to reject him as the enemy of the Urhobo nation”.

For the group Urhobo Progress, there was need to caution the Urhobo people to “beware of those enemies of our land. Ortega Emerhor and his cronies are the major enemies in Delta state.

“Right from day one that Senator Ovie Omo-Agege refused to betray his brother, Chief Great Ogboru as he promised in 2015 and Urhobo voted for him, Ortega has been troubling Ovie Omo-Agege and having sleepless nights going from one evil meeting to the other in other to fight Omo-Agege.

“Beware of this mole called Ortega because he is an agent of darkness brought by PDP to destroy the unity of Urhobo nation. He vowed that if Senator Omo-Agege refused to betray Ogboru he would fight him for the senatorial position. Ortega has decided to work with PDP and Saraki therefore he has bought the form to fight Omo-Agege and divide Urhobo again because he has been paid to do so”. He concluded.