Abavo Kingsley, Benin




Under the President Muhammadu Buhari led All Progressives Congress administration, the Engine Lubricant Drive (ELD) Union branch of the National Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers  (NUPENG) has fared better.

Comrade Segun  Braimoh national Chairman, ELD made the declaration in Benin, Edo State capital on Thursday in an exclusive interview with Spy News Online .

Braimoh disclosed that the ELD Union has fared better against what earlier prevailed; unrestricted influx of fake products from abroad, and in circulation in the Nigeria market with its accompanying negatives.  But the Buhari administration has blocked the entire loop – holes to this unholy importation, he noted.  As a result, indigenous lubricant manufacturers have been encouraged to produce, leading to more job opportunities for Nigerians as well availing more quality products to motorists’ use.

“To say the least, the PMB administration has been good to Lubricant dealers.”

Increased price of petroleum products

Comrade Braimoh recalled that the Buhari administration assumed office at a time there was crash in the price of crude oil in the international market. Also, the country was going into recession even as there was civil unrest in parts of the country.  Therefore, against the backdrop of economic gloom in the country, increasing the price of petroleum products was the only option open to government to enable the sector survive and continue to run he argued.

He opined that the nation has been better for it as if the price had been left at N94, there would have been bandwagon effect of artificial scarcity and black marketers selling the products at cut – throat prices.  Petroleum Products Pricing  Comrade Braimoh while acknowledging that Nigerians are truly going through hardship, called for patience.

There is indication that light exist at the end of the tunnel which is evident in the report of drop in inflation rate in the country, he pointed out.

According to him, this was made possible by deliberate policy of government to diversify the economy from oil dependence to other sectors especially agriculture.

“Buhari is not God that makes pronouncement and it manifests immediately. It is not magic hence there is need to be patient, and wait for positive turnaround of the entire system.

“But by and large, he is on course because we are seeing the positive effect of diversification on the economy, recently, it was in the news that the country’s foreign reserve has hit the mark of $47billion plus and that the inflation rate has dropped from 16 percent, to 11 percent.

“So, with all these indices, we can now say that Nigeria is on course.”

Braimoh adds; to make Nigerians feel some comfort, the Lubricant Union contributes its quota to ensure that strike action as a means of resolving issues is no longer fashionable to NUPENG.  Rather, it is now the deployment of dialogue and negotiation. This way every stakeholder is a winner.

“We are trying to make the product cheaper, and we are trying to make sure that there is no scarcity in the land,” he asserted.