By Urhere Kingsley




Oba of Benin

Oba of Benin

Edo community Head; Odionwere of Evbotubu in Egor Local Government Area of the State has cried out over what he labeled the rebellious acts of some of his subjects.

He called for the intervention of the Palace of the Benin Monarch Oba Ewuare N’ Ogidigan II.

The Odionwere, Edigin Evbonaye told journalists that it was painful that some of his subjects have turned rebellious and decided to blackmail him and his followers.

The people of Isibor Camp which Odionwere Evbonaye said are integral part of Evbotubu Village have alleged that under his leadership, the banned CDA is still in operation in the area.

An act, which goes against the proclamation of the Benin Monarch and the State lawm banning the body, and its activities.

The Odionwere and his followers use the instrumentality of the CDA to intimidate, oppress and even prevent them from carrying out their legitimate farming activities, among others, they have alleged.

Consequently, they now claim to be autonomous, having their own Odionwere [Village Head], and Oguedion [Ancestors Sanctuary].

Odionwere Evbonaye debunked all the allegations saying they were calculated maneuvers by some disatisfied members of the banned CDA in the area to actualize selfish interests.

He explained that acting on the Benin Monarch instruction, under his leadership, a meeting in which all age groups were represented [including the then CDA members], was convened.

At the meeting, fundamental issues in regards of the unity and progress of the area in relation to the ban on CDA and its activities were resolved and harmonization among the various groups was amicably done.

But surprisingly, thereafter, except Isaiah Egheobamien who was vice – chairman of the outlawed Association all others left to continue operation of its activities in the area.

They relocated their base of operation to Isibor Camp where the Chief pointer, Osaro Igbinavbie was illegally installed as parallel Odionwere within an already existing entity of Evbotubu Village.

Odionwere Evbonaye alleged one Sunday Jolly in collaboration with Chief Peter Osagie [Aifesoba of Benin Kingdom] are backers of what he termed divisive agents and trouble makers in Evbotubu.

He has therefore summoned everyone involved before the Palace of the Benin Monarch, Oba Ewuare II for intervention.

“From time immemorial, rebellion act such as the Igbinavbie led – gang is executing is strange, it had never happened in the entire history of Evbotubu Village.

“The Village has always had one common Oguedion [Ancestors’ Sanctuary] inherited from our ancestors.

“As I speak, the matter has been reported before the Monarch and his Chiefs waiting for their attention and resolution. I did not ask anyone or group to operate CDA as alleged.”

The Odionwere said, he has always been and still in charge of affairs of Evbotubu Village including issues bordering on property and developers.

Elder Isaiah Egheobamien, former vice – chairman of the banned CDA, and native of Iguedayi, Evbotubu Village also speaks.

According to him, the allegations by the Igbinavbie led – gang of Isibor Camp are all  falsehood and deliberate attempt to  entrench blackmail against Odionwere Evbonaye and his followers before constituted authorities including the Palace of the Benin Monarch.

The allegations are cooked up to misrepresent prevailing facts and mislead right thinking people for their selfish gains he pointed out.

“Immediately after the ban of CDA activities, the former Chairman, Sunday Evbonaye, his Chief pointer, bush inspector, and other members of the defunct cabinet went to Isibor Camp to erect Oguedion and installed the Chief pointer as the Odionwere [Village Head].

“The place is a camp having just one dilapidating building, under Evbotubu Village. Nobody even lives there.

“Whereas, from the beginning of history of Evbotubu, Isibor has remained a camp without an Odionwere.

They are the ones operating CDA and not the Odionwere of Evbotubu and his followers.

“It was expressly pronounced by the Oba that anywhere there is no Enogie, the Odionwere becomes in – charge of leadership, and affairs of such village.

“All their allegations and claims are incorrect, misleading and misrepresentation of prevailing facts.”

The claim of Osaro Igbinavbie that he is the fifth Odionwere of Isibor Camp is nothing but naked lie Egheobamien said.

There has never been Odionwere in Isibor Camp which has always been integral part of Evbotubu, he added.

Also, there has never been Oguedion [Ancestors’ Sanctuary] in Isibor Camp until recently, Igbinavbie and gang for selfish and ulterior motives decided to erect one after the coronation of Oba Ewuare II, and ban on Community Development Association [CDA] and its activities, Egheobamien said