By Jon Egie



Olorogun David Edevbie, Engr Matthew Edevbie and Chief George Osikorobia at the Sapele consultation visit

Olorogun David Edevbie, Engr Matthew Edevbie and Chief George Osikorobia at the Sapele consultation visit

Olorogun David Edevbie continues with his consultations with various interest groups, PDP leaders and stakeholders on his aspiration to become the governor of Delta State come 2015.


Led by his uncle, Engr. Matthew Edevbie, Chief Patrick Okitiakpe and other PDP chieftains, Edevbie kick-started the next round of consultations with a visit to the leadership of the PDP in Delta Central at the residence of Chief Tom Amioku in Egborode on Friday July 4.


Introducing the matter, Engr. Matthew Edevbie highlighted the need for the PDP in Delta Central to support the governorship aspiration of Olorogun David Edevbie to succeed Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan as the governor of Delta State.


He lamented that despite the best efforts of Governor Uduaghan, there is still an excruciating level of poverty that is tangibly visible in several communities across the State and he projected David Edevbie as the fit and capable person that can rescue the citizens of Delta State from the jaws of poverty.


He said the situation has suddenly compelled a majority of our youths into begging and crime.



David Edevbie makes a point at the residence of Chief Tom Amioku in Egborode

David Edevbie makes a point at the residence of Chief Tom Amioku in Egborode

Extolling the sterling qualities of Olorogun Edevbie he said the aspirant’s experience in both the private and public sectors makes him the best aspirant for the job of Governor of Delta State, come 2015.


Speaking for himself, Olorogun David Edevbie said he decided to join the race based on the assessment of his credentials with regard to his academic qualifications and work experience.


He narrated his various contributions to the growth of the economy of Delta State, the Niger Delta and the Nigerian nation while he served as Commissioner of Finance under Chief James Ibori and as Principal Secretary to the Late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua.



Chief Tom Amioku reads through David Edevbie's profile

Chief Tom Amioku reads through David Edevbie’s profile

While it is not in his nature (character) to blow his own trumpet, he said it has become necessary for him to inform Deltans  of his past achievements to demonstrate that  he is a committed patriot and silent advocate of socio-economic development of Delta State and Nigeria.


He took time to explain that though some have criticized  him for being being unable to speak the Urhobo language fluently because of educational and work callings that took him to the global stage very early in life, he however believed that Urhobos in particular would prefer a man who would always speak the truth to them in English rather than one who would constantly lie to them in Urhobo language.


“I may not necessarily dress in Urhobo attire all the time, I may not necessarily speak Urhobo all the time, but what is important is that I have Urhobo blood flowing in me. I think you would prefer to hear somebody who speaks the truth in English language than someone who lies to you in Urhobo language.” Olorogun Edevbie said.



David Edevbie flanked by Chief Patrick Okitiakpe and an elder

David Edevbie flanked by Chief Patrick Okitiakpe and an elder

As a detribalised Deltan, he said he has built bridges across the three senatorial districts of the State by stretching the ladder to Deltans from Delta Ibo, Ijaw, Itsekiri, Isoko and his kinsmen Urhobo to climb to higher heights while he served as Commissioner of Finance and Principal Secretary to James Ibori and Late Yar’Adua respectively.


He called on the PDP to strategize to bring forth the best of the aspirants that would fly the flag of the party during the 2015 guber election, assuring that if he does not emerge in a fair selection process, he would be the first person to embrace and support the best aspirant that will emerge.


“The point I am making is that my decision to join the race is not based on personal interest but for the interest of the generality of Deltans”.


Responding, Chief Tom Amioku noted that as a party leader he rejoices whenever he sees a credible aspirant representing the party for an elective office.



David Edevbie meets the UPC

David Edevbie meets the UPC

He said David Edevbie was well known to him and described him as a patriot who can represent Urhobo and Delta State very well.


“He is respectful, he knows his roots, he is tactful and skilful, and he is an Urhobo patriot. He has done so much that cannot be counted and I can boast that he is a good ambassador of Urhobo”.


Chief Amioku however said there was work to be done by both the aspirant and the party. Part of the work he said was for the aspirant to penetrate vertically and horizontally and make contact with all stakeholders that will contribute to the making of the governor of Delta State in 2015.



David Edevbie in Ekakpamre

David Edevbie in Ekakpamre

The consultation team left Egborode for Ughelli where they met with the leadership of the PDP in Ughelli North LGA. Again, Engr. Matthew repeated the message of the David Edevbie aspirations.


Responding the party chairman in the LG Chief Shedrack Imoniero said “You have said our mind about the suffering of our people. I had prayed that throughout my tenure the PDP will win all elections. Part of that prayer was answered on Ocotber 12, 2013 when the PDP won the Delta Central Senate bye-election. We are still savouring that victory and I have also prayed that Ughelli North should produce the next governor of Delta State.” He added that the desire of David Edevbie to be governor needs the strong will and grace of God to back it up for it to manifest.


On Saturday, July 5 the message was carried to the residence of Chief GNO Sefia where the leadership of the Urhobo Political Congress (UPC) met.



Engr Matthew Edevbie addresses leaders of the UPC

Engr Matthew Edevbie addresses leaders of the UPC

Chief Sefia who is the chairman of elder’s council of the group described David Edevbie as a very intelligent and hardworking man who introduced order in the financial management system of Delta State as Commissioner of Finance.


Chief Tom Amioku, the national chairman of the UPC extolled the integrity of David saying the aspirant left indelible footprints in the places where he had worked.


He prayed that the elders’ prayers should take David to his destination and let Deltans rejoice over his emergence as governor.


He said the UPC has the ability, competence and people with practical approach on how to get votes.


“You can see us for what we are, we are not noise makers, and we are a very credible set of people. You have shared your concerns we also share many of them but there is a task ahead. You have to work just as we have to work. If you perfect your side we your people will also play our role” Chief Amioku said.



Leaders of the UPC listen to David Edevbie's presentation

Leaders of the UPC listen to David Edevbie’s presentation

The team left for Udu LGA where the vice chairman of the party, Michael Ibadan representing the chairman, Sam Uwhujowhovwo expressed satisfaction with the charisma of David Edevbie and while responding to the aspirant’s presentation declared: “you are more qualified than any other aspirant” and called for massive support for Edevbie’s aspiration.


On Sunday, July 6 the train moved to Sapele where it met with the PDP exco and leaders of the party.


Responding to the call for the actualisation of Edevbie’s aspiration, the party chairman in Sapele Hon. David Oghenekevwe said the profile of Olorogun David Edevbie was encouraging and added, “having gone through the profile I am convinced he is our son and we must support our own”.



PDP Chairman in Sapele, Hon David Oghenekevwe endorses David Edevbie's aspiration

PDP Chairman in Sapele, Hon David Oghenekevwe endorses David Edevbie’s aspiration

He lamented that those who had enjoyed the mandate of the people through imposition by powers from above did not represent the people “but this man has been tested, he has shown his desire for selfless service and so the exco has conferred on me the authority to assure you that we will support you. We need somebody who has exceptional qualities with a plus and Edevbie has many pluses to his credentials and we have endorsed your aspiration and pledged our support”.


Barr.(Chief) Joseph Egigba, a leader of the PDP in Sapele in his remarks said the Sapele people have no problem with David Edevbie stressing that every politician has an interest and hence charged every stakeholder in the 2015 guber race to resort to their conscience and do what is right.


Hon. Joyce Overah joined others to assure David Edevbie on his aspiration saying “my brother we will be there for you since your aspiration is not personal. I want to assure you that one delegate vote will not be lost from Sapele ”.


The Urhobo Integrity Group was the next host to the Edevbie consultation team at the residence of Dr. Ebenezer Okorodudu, its leader in Warri where Engr. Matthew Edevbie once again solicited the cooperation of the group to join forces to prosecute the 2105 guber race for David Edevbie.


Addressing the Urhobo Integrity Group, Olorogun David Edevbie said he needed the knowledge and professional services of members of the group. “I have no doubt in my mind; we will win so I urge you to join us”.


In his response the chairman of the group Dr. Ebenezer Okorodudu said David Edevbie has all the requisite qualities to govern Delta State and even Nigeria as well as to serve as the scribe of the United Nations.


“As a think tank, we will lock ourselves in a small room to discuss the governorship issue extensively and get back to you. We pray that you become the governor. We pray that God who gave you this unusual intelligence will see you through”, Okorodudu said.



PDP Chairman in Ughelli South, Chief F Aguonigho responds to David Edevbie's plea for support

PDP Chairman in Ughelli South, Chief F Aguonigho responds to David Edevbie’s plea for support

On Monday, July 7 was the turn of Otujeremi in Ughelli South LGA where the Chairman of the party, Hon. Chief F.O. Aguonigho described David Edevbie as a rare gem and a great son of the Urhobo nation because of the positions he has held in public offices.


“The deaf does not need to be told that the market is in chaos before he runs, we are sensitive to the political environment and we are capable of responding appropriately” he said.


Earlier Dr. Chief A. Patrick Fovie lamented the low financial ebb of the average Urhobo man and expressed joy that a credible son of Urhobo in the person of David Edevbie has joined the race to salvage the situation.