By Jon Egie:

Chief Dr. (Uku) Ivwrighreburhonse Ichabohwo

Chief Dr. (Uku) Ivwrighreburhonse Ichabohwo is an African Traditionalist of the Igbe Sect, a religion very popular with the Urhobo people. He hails from Obi-Ayagha in Ughelli South local government area of Delta State. He is also a prophet.

Dr Ivwrighreburhonse is a specialist in bone therapy. He has a clinic situated in Ughelli township where he treats patients with bone injury by the use of traditional herbal medicine. He says in medicine, no treatment can be successful in the absence of faith.

His patients, mostly accident victims, come from all over Nigeria and no matter the nature of bone injury, from simple to complicated fracture, he is handy for a remedy and according to him, his patients get complete treatment and are discharged without deformity.

He cannot name how many patients he has successfully handled but what strikes a note is that all his patients are discharged with a recovery of their normal physical shape.

His clinic is well staffed with assistants whom he has trained himself in the use of traditional medicine for bone setting and treatment.

Although his business has no direct bearing with orthodox medicine, he is a registered user of GNLD and Green World products.

“If any of my patients has infection that requires GNLD or Green World products treatment, I apply such as the situation demands.

His job also entails some spiritual application that leads to quick and reliable recovery because, when he finds out that any of his patients is a victim of spiritual attack he confronts such cases with prayers.

Apart from being a bone therapy specialist, he also treats cases of Hernia, Appendicitis, Stroke, Hunch back, Eye problems, insanity, difficult delivery and a host of others.

For him, some hunch back cases may be natural while others are induced by sickness such Tuberculosis or sores on the leg.

For the dreaded HIV/AIDS, Dr Ivwrighreburhonse says the disease or syndrome is wide and the only effectual treatment that can be applied is faith.

Talking about faith, he points out that the only difference in its application between Christians and members of the Igbe sect is that while Christians use the authority of the Holy Bible, they (Traditionalists) use the holy native chalk which when applied with faith equally works miracles.

In the year1975, his maternal grand father was a victim of accident in which he had serious bone injury. The case took him and his grandfather to Yoruba land where his grandfather received traditional treatment for the bone injuries. It was during the process that he learnt the skill of the use of herbs to set and treat bones.

Sometime later, while on a sojourn in an Ijaw village, a certain white man (Spiritual being) ordained him as a doctor. A host of other spiritual teachers continued to visit him and expose him to the techniques and herbs that could be used for treatment of various illnesses including bone injuries.

Contrary to popular belief that traditional medicine practitioners are witches and wizards, De Ivwrighreburhonse rebuts that only ignoramus criticize what the do not know

“What is witches and wizards? Once you are perfect in whatever you are doing you are a witch or wizard. Anything you practice and you do it very well you must be called a witch or wizard. There are witches and wizards who have evil spirits to destroy but as a believer in the Igbe sect, he does not indulge in evil practices.

He is a registered membr of the Delta State board of traditional healers hence he is duly recognized by the State government.

But as a complaint, he wants the State government to assist in the area of finance and equipment to facilitate his services to his patients who come from all walks of life. As at press time, there were 15 patients in his clinic.

Despite his religious inclination, Dr. Ivwrighreburhonse is a regular viewer of Emmanuel TV and commenting on Prophet TB Joshua, he says the Leader of the Synagogue of all nations heals by faith, has the gift of God and enjoys sponsors that shot him to public admiration.

“If I am encouraged and empowered financially I can grow up like TB Joshua” he says.

Because his work involves faith and sympathy, his patients pay treatment charges by installment so it is difficult foe him to raise a good sum of money to execute any project.

“That is why I want government to help me develop the clinic to standard so that the patients can be comfortable while they are being treated’

Convinced of his potentials, he boasts that he can treat any bone patient from any part of the world and the patient would go home with a smile.

The prospect of the sustenance of his special gift in bone therapy in future is like the ocean and hence he has engaged the services of his children in the study of his traditional healing skills.

It is his hope that his children who are now in school, undergoing formal education would grow up in the knowledge of the art and after graduating from the university, would take over the job.

Assuredly, he says, one of his children will train as an orthodox medical doctor and then will use the background knowledge of his traditional healing skills to treat patients and help humanity.

Believing strongly that the common causes of bone injuries is recklessness by motorists and Okada (motor cycle) riders, he posits that others are spiritual attack and hence he advises that every one should have faith and pray ceaselessly.

“The life we are living today is warfare without guns. The only solution to overcome the arrows of the wicked is prayer and faith. People should be encouraged to avoid evil because evil desires lead to problems. Envy and greed is evil, if you envy your neighbor if leads to wickedness and that is the cause of so many troubles today”

To the Christian, Muslim or African Traditionalist Dr Ivwrighreburhonse emphasizes prayer as a daily tonic to the throes of life.

“The one you belong to pray from there, put your faith and you will get healing” he exhorts.