Bishop Diamond Emuobor

Bishop Diamond Emuobor

The chairman of CAN in Ughelli North LGA, Rt. Rev. Dr. Diamond Emuobor has called on the national President of CAN, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor to declare Nigeria a national tragedy and to call for a fast.


In an address he presented during the occasion of the annual CAN Day, January 3, in Ughelli, the cleric urged Pastor Oritsejafor to call for a solemn assembly that should cause all Christians to mourn.


“Put ashes on your heads and put on sackcloth for seven days crying to God to have mercy and deliver our nation from extinction through sin as was the case of Sodom and Gomorrah.


“When Nineveh did that God had mercy on the nation and its judgement was spared from condemnation. The time to act is now or else, the kind of Arab spring that has been ravaging the Asian world maybe the reward for our religious rascality and obduracy.


“If God, the Almighty, the Omnipotent, the Omniscient: the Provider of all things is the true God of all who came into Nigeria’s political leadership; where are the attributes of that Godliness in the corruption sunk administration of the nation?

“Nigeria as a nation today, is like the water hyacinth that grows on the water but without roots in the ground. Therefore, it has been difficult for Nigeria to have a seasonal progression.


“While trees that grow from the ground have a Godly pronouncement of a seasonal production period, and through their harvests, expansion of the tree crop is enhanced, Nigeria has no definite purpose for growth or expansion. All the proceeds of their oil wealth is in their individual ruler’s pockets.


“Some have claimed that they have a religious mandate to govern the nation. What has such religion produced as the means of developing the people? How has that mandate represented a delegation from God as it were? Where are the benefits for these 100years.


“As can be observed today, and for over 54 years of Nigerian’s independence: whatever they have put together as their drive to rule Nigeria; none of such religious doctrines has produced any developments for the nation. Both of the proverbial Muslims or Christians. All their progressive attempts have been a mockery on the name of religion and God.


“Going by the over 100 years of our Nationhood, we are still grappling with the responsible handling of salaries and administration, the least cumbersome of all the art of governance.

That Nigerians cannot respect their nation and pay their citizen’s salaries as and when due, is worrisome. That allowance due to retirees is embezzled without any one taking responsibility for it is to say the least, devilish.


“That our schools do not have benches and desks, for our children to sit and learn, who do we hold accountable? Exam mal-practices cannot be stopped, while we have professors parading themselves as erudite of sort.


“That leaders in government cannot use the collective purse of the people to provide them water, light etc, who do we hold responsible? What religion, or which God do these frictions in leadership represent? It can not be the Almighty God, but Satan.


“That Nigerians as political leaders still steal or embezzle their development budgets and turn again to blame their subjects is the height of acrimony.


“That Nigerians are killing one another to get to a position of leadership in Nigeria, is a proof that these men and women are fake religious propagandists who have thrown the baby and the bath water into the drains. The God of their religion is not in their manifestos.


“Today, Indians and other nationals of the world are the ones farming for our Ministries of agriculture. The Vanguard of 31st Dec. 2014 testify to this truth.


“Our nation has been sold for some pittance to persons to fill their bank accounts, both at home and diaspora. We import all kinds of Petroleum products.


“Nigeria imports palm oil, yams, fishes, crayfish, chicken, clothes, vehicles and education.

“No home grown school to train Nigerians in Nigeria. No hospital, no industry, no farm, etc.


“We have ministries that are occupied by designed contractors therefore no government control. Every thing in Nigeria is by contract, yet no supervision of such contracts to provide the required service. Almost half of the contract money ends up in the pockets of Ministers and Commissioners or their representatives.


“The President and family, the Governors and family, the Senators and family, all houses of Assemblies members and families: none can be excluded. That is why contracts are either haphazardly executed or at best be abandoned and none to question why.


What and where should we turn to? Is Nigeria an Orphan Nation?

“Worse still, they have acquired guns of various degrees to silence, kill or maim anyone who dares to question why? The red alert is in every newspaper. Who is the cause of these mal-administrations?

“The murderers are being recruited by the anointed leaders to have a field day. No segment of the nation’s politics has any excuse on the use of these miscreants. Even the Church am told has now come to have a share of this dastardly behaviour in the politics of the nation.


“The Christians, the Muslims, and those who are branded as unbelievers in leadership of Nigeria, all now have the same show of shame in their sworn leadership; i.e embezzlement, embezzlement and embezzlement, .


“The police cannot arrest anyone for corruption. Because it is perpetrated by the big bosses. The soldiers have all been compromised also. EFCC, ICPC, the High Courts, and the worst now, the Supreme court is no more supreme.


“The devil has totally and sufficiently caged Nigeria that even the men of God are now seemingly sunk into the same oblivion.


“Their song is to prophesy where there is sweet juice for them. Hope is dashed. Lamentation is now the song of everyone. Where do we go from here?


I therefore call on the national C.A.N to declare Nigeria a national tragedy and to call for a fast. Call for solemn assembly that should cause all Christian to mourn. Put ashes on their heads, and put on sackcloth for one week (7days) crying to God to have mercy and deliver our nation from extinction through sin as Sodom and Gomorrah.