*Says God shall answer Buhari soon



By Jon Egie



Bishop Diamond Emuobor

Bishop Diamond Emuobor

The chairman of Christian Association Of Nigeria in Ughelli, Bishop Diamond Emuobor has described the self defence call by Lt Gen Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma (retd) as merely stating the obvious in clear understanding of the ethnic cleansing agenda of Buhari and his Fulani kinsmen to Islamize Nigeria.

In an exclusive interview with Spy News Online, Bishop Emuobor called on Muslims leaders to justify why Islam encourages killing of their fellow human beings.

“Is it God that gave them the instruction to kill those who do not accept their religion and or force them to accept their religion and impose their rulership?”

He believed that religions make effort to convert people with an aim of bettering their lives and people cannot be forced to embrace a religion that would make life more difficult for them.

“In Christianity, the mind of God is presented to the people to have a change of behavior and become more useful to the society and when a person appreciates the benefits of the message he converts willingly, without coercion. But in Islam, they have to draw daggers and force victims to accept their faith.”

He called on Christians to remain steadfast to their faith in Christ no matter the situation, exhorting that any Christian who in the face of threat to his life accepts to recite the Koran to save his life is in denial of Christ and such a person goes to Hell.

“Jesus left the instruction that we should not fear those who can kill our body and not able to kill our soul. All victims of Jihads who believe in Jesus and were killed because of their faith in Christ will find themselves being resurrected when Christ comes.

“I congratulate the parents of Leah Dabiru, one of the victims of the Dapchi school girls abduction, for making their daughter a candidate of the kingdom of God. The greatest training a father or mother can give to their children is for the children to know Jesus Christ. In my mind, these are the greatest Christian couple in the world whose daughter has shown how the Christian family looks like at home. Teach a child the way to go and when she is old will not depart from it is here exemplified. Heaven is enlisting support and help for Leah, the whole world is on her side, she is a heroine of Christianity and the fruit of a family that has faith in Christ.”

Bishop Emuobpr believed that the Chibok and Dapch school girls abduction cases are aimed at discouraging the girl-child in northern Nigeria from acquiring Western Education which the Islamic Fundamentalists believe is propelled by Christianity.

“Buhari, the Sultan of Sokoto and the Emir of Kano are patrons of the Islamic fundamentalist and with their foot soldiers killing people mercilessly and unjustifiably for the sake of Islamic religion, do you think the root is not in the fruit/

“These are people sent to do harm, the army said they did not send them and nobody is arrested. The IGP flagrantly disobeyed the President’s order and he is still in office. These are the games we are interpreting. It is a system. All the schools built for the ten million Almajiris by Jonathan are wasting. They hate Western Education and the system encourages the throw up of academically less qualified entrants into universities in the north and yet these are people who agitate to lead the country, this ultimately leads to retardation of development in Nigeria.

“They see Western Education as Christianity propelled development and they do not want Christians to have a voice. What they couldn’t do in annihilating Western Education they have now advanced by the presence of herdsmen taking over farm lands so that if parents cannot feed their children and raise money from their farms to pay school fees, then all of us would become idiots like them.

“Danjuma’s statement is prompted from his leadership background, he is an elder statesman who knows the workings of government and has understood what is ahead and hence, he has cautioned Nigerians to be alert.

“The agenda of the core north to Islamize Nigeria is an assault on the name of Jesus Christ and all his followers and that is why Danjuma called on Nigerians to stand and answer their fathers’ names. From the presidency of Pastor Ayo Oristejafor and even myself, CAN has advised the church to sell their coats, buy a sword and defend themselves.

Asked if the call for self-defence could re-enact the Somalia scenario in Nigeria, Bishop Emuobor said that would not be because the church does not have a wicked mind like the Muslims that propagate killing.

“But that we do not have the mind, we have a God that can kill. Lake Chad dried up, Red Sea swallowed Pharaoh’s soldiers, Nebudchadnazer became and animal without any incantation chanted on him. The same way the God of the church is the God of war that when He arises, the seas will dry up, desert will cover the place. He is the truth, the way and life and when He withdraws life that is the end.

“Nigeria is a multi ethnic nation and any one desiring to rule this nation must look at the episode of Nebudchadnazer who out of selfish bravado though he was the wisest to develop Babylon not knowing that the instruments, implements, human beings and including his intellect belonged to God but arrogated everything to his personal ingenuity and God turned him to an animal. But when he repented and ascribed all honour to d, God restored him.

“I, therefore, counsel President Muhammadu Buhari and his co-voyagers including the Islamists and Boko Haramists to repent and believe in the name of Jesus Christ for restoration to visit them or elses, He that sees and speaks from above shall answer them” he warned.