By Godwin Utuedoye,

Most Rev Adewale Martins addressing Catholic Media Practitioners and flanked by other members of the clergy

Nigerians have been urged, not to be carried away by the political intrigues that are playing out on daily basis in the country such that are capable of distracting people from seeing the bigger picture, but rather to demand for their God given right of getting the best of endowments of their nation through good leadership.

The Catholic Archbishop of the Metropolitan See of Lagos, Most Rev. Dr. Adewale Martins gave the charge at the weekend while briefing catholic media practitioners as part of activities to mark his 6th anniversary of installation as Catholic Archbishop of Lagos.

While identifying the country’s myriad of problems, Archbishop Alfred Adewale Martins said bad leadership was the topmost problem bedeviling the nation.

“We need a leadership that is courageous enough to recognize the need for a radical reorganization of the way Nigeria is governed and is able to summon the will to make the required change.”

The Archbishop said the 2019 elections are around the corner and called on INEC and all other agencies concerned to work towards giving the Nation an Election that is credible and transparent in its operation.

“In the recent governorship election in Ekiti State, we were regaled with stories of how votes were openly traded like commodity up for sale between voters and the major political parties. What a tragedy that such scenario was allowed to play out unchecked at a time when ‘change ‘ in all its ramification is the expectation of all and sundry. ”

The prelate maintained that Nigeria is presently passing through ominous and disturbing times, and regretted that the polity was continually being heated up by political elites who have turned the nation to their play fields and fiefdoms that should be exploited, balkanized and conquered for their selfish ends.

“We have been crying out against these injustices over the past years and will continue to say it loud and clear, that this nation belongs to all Nigerians and as such, it is wrong for any group of individuals, under any guise to arrogate to themselves the unwarranted role of deciding who gets what in a country that belongs to all. ”

Archbishop Martins said that money politics still rule the nation which makes new people who are not aligned to the older order not to find a foothold in the political landscape.

“We have continued to watch with disbelief, as the same old groups of individuals keep on recycling themselves even when the *Not-too-young-to-run bill* has been passed and signed to law by the President.

Archbishop Martins urged religious leaders to lead with righteousness and integrity and called for continuous prayers for Nigeria as God can do much more than we can ever dare to ask in order to turn things around for the good of the people.