By Kingsley Abavo, Benin


The global pandemic of Corona virus (COVID-19), has continued to ravage the human race with new variants hitting some nations hard, in-spite of the discovery of the vaccines to curb its spread and level of devastation.

However, many persons still doubt its existence believing it is the usual malaria fever especially, in Nigeria.

But contrarily, a warning has again been sounded that COVID-19 is real, and it is in existence.

A 40 year old seer, and mother of three, evangelist Adizatu Jafaru Ogbeide of the Christ Gospel Witnesses Church, Benin-City, re-echoed the warning on Monday revealing that the dreaded virus was induced by God Almighty to serve His purpose.

According to her, she first received the voice of God in the month of October 22, 2019 saying: “People will die due to overflow of sin in the world.”

“God then commanded; go out and tell my people, that Jesus Christ love them, they should repent unto salvation. That people will die.

“On September 3, 2020 as I was sitted in my parlour, I heard the voice again saying: I told you that people will die because of too much sin in the world. Nigerians are not believing that there is Corona virus but it is true!”

Ogbeide continued, that God Commanded she should go tell three overseers whose names she refused to disclose; that He was going to start His judgement from His House; the (Church).

She therefore advised that people should learn to fear God, live according to His word, and stay away from sin.