By Abavo Kingsley



One of the clash victims receiving medical treatment in an hospital

One of the clash victims receiving medical treatment in an hospital

The people of Iguomo village in Uhunmwonde Local Government Council Area of Edo State have passionately pleaded with the Oba of Benin, Ewuare II, the Government and all security agencies to save them from what they term the endless torment of their neighbors: people of Ikhuenbo village.

According to Johnbull Owenaze a native of Iguomo in an interview with journalists last week the appeal became necessary as no life in the area was safe anymore.

He said the people of Ikhuenbo have ignored the Oba’s resolution of the boundary disagreements between them and continued to attack and unleash terror on Iguomo.

Also, the Supreme Court judgement which states that Iguomo  village owns the piece of land the people of Ikhuenbo now forcefully occupy and claim ownership.

The boundary disagreements ought to have been a thing of the past but for some persons in Ikhuenbo that continue to forment trouble which has led to the death of two youths in Iguomo: Osaze Solomon and Osamudiamen Erhunwunse.

This is even as property running into several millions of naira of Iguomo people have been destroyed by ”our antagonists” he complained.

Owenaze further laments that some of the persons suspected to be perpetrators of the attacks arrested by the police are back on the streets even though they confessed to their roles.

Nothing is been done to make them answer for their alleged crime, he adds.

”On the 23 January, 2018, Lucky Savo one of the suspects behind the killings in Iguomo was arrested by the police but was surprisingly released only after three days.

“Also, another Ehis Destiny was arrested by the police with live cartridges and a pump action gun. But ironically, nothing has been done to make him face the law” Owenaze complained.

As a result, the people of Iguomo can no longer  sleep with their eyes closed or stay in the village for fear of been attacked by their enemies: Ikhuenbo people.

Hence the appeal to the Monarch, government and all law enforcement agencies to come to their rescue, Owenaze said.

As at the time of filling this story, effort to reach elders and youths of Ikhuenbo for their reactions  was not fruitful.

Also, the police could not be reached for reaction as calls to the cellphone of the  Police spokes person  Chidi Nwabuzor was not successful.