By Jon Egie


Rev James Owholo

The Founder and General Overseer of Faith and Light Crusaders’ Ministry, Ughelli the Rev James Owholo has warned Christians in Nigeria not to attempt to take their own lives because of the prevailing poor economy.

Rev Owholo gave the warning while reacting to increasing cases of suicide recorded across the country in recent times.

He said committing suicide is not a solution to the economic situation. He counseled that delay at attaining one’s goals in life is not a denial and hence, exhorted Christians not to be too anxious of the future as the future would take care of itself.

“Why do you believe that your own has come to an end when God has not said so? If it is bad for you this year it could be good for you next year. Be calm and wait upon the Lord. The Bible says wait upon the Lord and your God will see you through. I advise those who want to commit suicide because of situations to hold on to their God and believe that with God all things are possible.”

He called on church leaders to take the welfare of their members very seriously stressing that any church leader who does not show concern about the welfare of his members is ignorant of the teaching of Jesus Christ.

According to him, the Bible records ample examples demonstrated by Jesus on how church leaders should take care of the social, economic and spiritual needs of their members.

He cited the case of feeding of 5000 people who were hungry and needed food after Jesus had preached the word, healed the sick and made the lame walked.

“We in my church help our members because we are one. We do this in line with Jesus’ teaching to give and it shall be given to you. Jesus said, when I was naked you clothed me, when I was hungry you gave me food, when I was sick you visited me in hospital and when I was in prison you showed me love. But the people asked, when did we do these to you and He answered, as long as you did it to the least among you, you did it for me. So, the church must continue to help its members who are in any form of distress so as to discourage them from committing suicide.”

He further exhorted that though times may be tough but Christians should realize that God is all and all. “When the economy of a country is bad it does not affect the children of God because God said call upon me in the days of trouble and I will answer you, I will make a way where there is no way.”

Rev Owholo would not give any prophecy on Nigeria because of the ubiquity of many false prophets out there. He however said he had earlier warned that the Boko Haram menace would last longer than expected if Nigeria was not wise. He said Nigeria as a nation needs leaders who fear God, those who do not segregate on the basis of ethnicity and religious leanings, nepotism and corruption.

According to him, Nigeria will spurt up again if and only if true federalism is practiced by the leaders of the country.

Reacting to critics who assess the performance of Buhari’s administration as dismal, Rev Owholo asked, “Who has done well since 1960?” He pointed out that only the hand work of colonialists remains a legacy in Nigeria.

He described Dr Ifeanyi Okowa as a God fearing governor saying that no governor in Delta state, apart from Chief James Ibori has considered the welfare of the masses as Governor Okowa.

“Okowa is a good governor. A man who puts God before anything else and I know he is going to do better in his second tenure”.

Asked to advise the governor ahead of his second term in office, the cleric said, “He should take advice from the people who would give him the best of advice.”