By Jon Egie



Alhaji Asari Dokubo

Alhaji Asari Dokubo presenting the address

The Chibok school girls’ abduction has been described as a conspiracy which signals the final battle by the North to reclaim power from the South before 2015.


Ex-militants leader, Alhaji Asari Dokubo made the observation while presenting and address during the Major Isaac Adaka Boro annual memorial lecture held in Ughelli, Sunday, May 18.


Asari Dokubo paid glowing tribute to the late Isaac Boro who sacrfices his life to bring freedom to the people of the South-South.


“But after 40 years the youths and our political office holders have not learnt how to fight. They play the second fiddle to those who feel they ar born to rule. I was not born to be a second fiddle. How long shall we wait while strangers take our patrimony and continue to marginalise us?”


He said although the Jonathan administration has not impacted significantly on the lives of people of the South-South, yet,” the age of feudalism has been broken and we see our own as President, this is our pride because monkey no fine but him mama like am.


“We will follow Jonathan because if he fails we all fail, if he is killed we all will be killed, if he is disgraced we will all be disgraced. Jonathan is not representing himself, he represents all of us in the South-South. He is too small in the historical equation of Nigeria where the totality of our existence is being challenged. Why are we reluctant to fight and protect this government? If Jonathan is disgraced where will you be? When Biafra was disgraced you saw the consequence and we cannot allow that to happen again. So, we must come out and fight. Everyone is President Goodluck Jonathan and anything that happens to Jonathan happens to us all.


“Boko Haram is not religious, it is the last battle stand. We must redeem our land from them. There cannot be a battle without an enemy and there cannot be a battle without a territory to claim.


“Chibok conspiracy signals the final battle to reclaim power before 2015. If we allow them to succeed it will be over for us. How long shall we be watching while our prophets are slaughtered, while our brother is being maligned. Those keeping these girls should bring them. The buck stops at the table of the Borno State governor. He knows where the girls are. He should bring them out. There are no missing girls. Chibok is a scam.”


He said what Boko Haram is doing presently is military rehearsals, they are coming down to the South-South heavily and I have pity for the Binis, the Urhobos and Isokos because they will cross your land before coming to Ijaw land.


“When an enemy army invades your land they will steal your food, spoil your land, rape your daughters and wives and kill you. This is the last battle. War is coming and Jonathan has no mouth to say he cannot contest this election.


“I will be 50 on June 1st, all my children from the age of 10 can shoot a gun. Now I am in the village because war is coming. This time it is going to be no victor no vanquished. Everybody must be ready. We cannot continue to accept this people who tell us to go to hell. We might not reach 2015. I have left Cotonou, I have gone back to my village, to the creeks, be glued to your newspaper for headlines of what will happen next because for every action there is equal and opposite reaction.


“Boko Haram has guns -plenty, plenty guns; we too we get guns- plenty ,plenty guns and our body dey shake make we bring dem out. This is not going to be a war in the creek, we are going to carry it directly to Abuja. Very soon they will not be able eat the money they stole. Missiles shall fly from here to the North. The enemy you see today, you shall see no more. The Boko Haram you see today, you will see no more.


“As we ask them to bring back our girls also add, bring back our money” Asari urged.