By Orevaoghene Eredoro




Chief Edwin Clark

Chief Edwin Clark

Chief Edwin Kiagbodo Clark has disparaged the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, General Mohammadu Buhari for lying to Nigerians about his certificate being with the army and also for forgery while out rightly accusing the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC for failing to carry out its duties, with his fingers pointing accusingly to the chairman of INEC, Prof Atahiru Jega stating with all certainty that he has compromised.


Clark who said this at his country home on Thursday Jan. 28, 2015 in Kiagbodo, Ughelli South Local Government Area declared that as far as he is concerned, Buhari is automatically disqualified and “INEC did not carry out their duty properly, they compromised”.


Buhari said he went to Secondary School in Kastina and there was no evidence that he attended. When his certificates were requested for, he swore an affidavit that the certificates and other materials were with the army. But the curious thing is that INEC is expected to see the documents, Buhari should have gone to the army to collect the certificates and present them to INEC instead of swearing to an affidavit”.


Clark also went further to say that the mere fact that Buhari contested in 2003, 2007, 2011and he did not present his certificate shows the weakness of INEC. Adding that when his house was burnt in 1997, his certificate was burnt “if I want to contest any election I will quote it because I reported to the police at that time. Buhari did not say that the certificate was lost or burnt rather he said it was with the army”.


“He made a statement recently that his certificates are with INEC. When did he submit them? If he submitted them after the closing date, then there must be something going on between Buhari and INEC, particularly Prof. Atahiru Jega. They should not fool Nigerians. How did the certificates get to INEC and why were they accepted? This means they have been communicating from time to time” he further stated.


Chief E.K. Clark further posited that what Buhari has done is criminal, branding him as a man without intergrity. Adding that he lied on oath, he presented fake papers to represent his certificates and is not qualified to be the president of Nigeria. Nigerians are too sophisticated for that, they cannot be deceived.


Expressing his disappointment on the harassment of President Goodluck Jonathan during his visit to Kastina, Buhari’s home state, Clark said one would have expected that a civilized, decent person who wants to become the president of Nigeria will pick up his phone to call and apologize to Jonathan but he did not.

“This is Buhari, he has not changed. He has no regard for law and decency. General Buhari staged a coup against Alhaji Shehu Shagari to prevent a southerner from taking over from Shagari” he added.