By Jon Egie




Chief Pius Ovbije

Chief Pius Ovbije

Chairman of Grassroots politicians in Ughelli, Chief Pius Ovbije has described the Delta Central senatorial bye-election held on Saturday, Oct.12 as free and fair.


Chief Ovbije said his assessment of the election was based on his observation of what happened in Orogun ward 1, where he voted and believed the assessment holds for other areas in the senatorial district.


According to him, materials for the election arrived Orogun at 903am and accreditation of voters was done almost immediately until 12 noon when voting commenced.


“During the voting there was no case of violence. All the parties’ agents were present. There was virtually no work for the security agents because everything was going on smoothly. When I returned I heard that there was a record of some violence when gun shots were heard and ballot boxes allegedly snatched. It was a rumour but I condemn it if it happened”.


For him, the margin by which PDP defeated the opposition was not even wide enough because in 2011, when DPP won there was problem in PDP. At that time PDP was in different factions. They could not reconcile the factions that emanated from conflict of interest projected during PDP primaries. That was why PDP performed so poorly. In that election when DPP won, over 60 per cent of votes cast for the late Senator Ewherido were delivered by PDP members. To confirm that the beneficiaries of those votes: the late Senator Ewherido, Hon Edoja Akpodiete and Hon Astin Ogbaburho were all members of the PDP. That tells you that DPP had no credible candidate to contest the election. But this time around, the governor, Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan reconciled all the grieving factions before going for the election. We worked hard and got the result of hard work. Even if the election is conducted again, we will still win and win again. So, the margin was really narrow, we should have widened it more.

He said if Delta Central sustains the tempo of the united force after the reconciliation, Delta Central will determine who will become the next governor in 2015 because the reconciliation is total.


“Those who left PDP long ago all came back and the consequence is that they resolved never to be in the opposition again”.


Chief Ovbije called on Urhobo people to remain in the mainstream stressing that PDP came to Delta State through efforts of people like Chief James Ibori of Delta Central.


“Let APC come we will beat them again and again”.


Asked if the new stand of the PDP has ruined the political future of Chief Great Ogboru, Chief Ovbije advised Cief Great Ogboru to realize that in politics there is no permanent friend or foe.


“It is time for him( Ogboru) to toe the line of his kinsmen. Close shop of DPP. Close shop of being in the opposition. Come to PDP, you will be welcome. The umbrella is big enough to accommodate everybody and he will have his due place in the PDP not like his former deputy”.


Describing Agwariavwodo as a level headed person Chief Ovbije advised the winner of the Oct.12 bye-election to adopt the spirit of a sportsman and embraced all who fought at the opposition camp, harness their ideas and work with them and together let us develop Urhobo nation.


To the governor he said “we Urhobo people say thank you for using your wisdom to unite Delta Central. We thank you for this singular action”.