Muhammadu Buhari

Muhammadu Buhari

Going by the outcome of the just concluded 2015 general elections in Nigeria as declared by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), political power is changing hands across the length and breadth of the country. The All Progressives Party (APC) which once ate from the crumb that fell from the master’s table with Gen. Mohammadu Buhari (Rtd) as its arrow-head is now to control the table.



          With the Presidential/National Assembly and Governorship/state Houses of Assembly elections held on March 28 and April 11 respectively, some rescheduled elections taking their turns and the elections tribunals taking their seats in some states and with the billows of the election smoke fast resting in peace even as the May 29 handover date approaches fast to give birth to a new government that will run the country in the next four or eight years at the federal and state levels, no doubt, the reality of the fact that it is only the Almighty God that holds power forever has begun to dawn on Nigerians, especially the incumbents who have either been voted out or lost the confidence of their followers.


          With the INEC’s declaration, the APC is to take over the Presidency from the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) come May 29. Even at the National Assembly (NASS), the APC which hitherto was an opposition party with a minority in both Houses of the NASS is warming up to take the majority status in the legislative chambers, producing the Senate President and the Speaker of the House of Representatives including their deputies. These are positions which the outgoing ruling PDP once graciously enjoyed. Power is indeed unreliable and transient.


          The APC also wrestled power from the PDP and some other political parties in some states. However, in some other states, the PDP successfully resisted the wind of “change” which the APC blew across the country during the elections. And as both the PDP and APC and some other parties are now at the election tribunals to seek redress over alleged election irregularities in some places with the electorate awaiting the verdict of the courts which is final and binding on all and sundry, one handwriting that is written very boldly now on the Nigerian wall is that political power and tenure is such a long short time period that must not be to misused or toyed with. 


          We therefore advise the incoming government to be wise and then thread on the path of caution. As Buhari and the new crop of elected leaders come to power both at the federal and the state levels, they should rule well. They should not be carried away or get intoxicated by the “alcohol” of power. As soon as they mount their respective seats, they should swing into action to deliver the dividends of democracy to their peoples, neither oppressing nor exploiting the people because it is the same people they will cry back to for re-election at the end of the fleeting four-year tenure. No time wasting. They must be reminded that the Nigerian people have become more enlightened politically and can no longer be fooled around by the manipulations and sycophancies of unscrupulous politicians.


          As Buhari returns to power, having ruled Nigeria between 1984 and 1985 as a military Head of State, he must be FAITHFUL AND HONEST TO SERVE NIGERIA WITH ALL HIS STRENGTH, fighting corruption tooth and nail and properly harnessing the resources of Nigeria to move it from a developing country to a developed one.


          Undoubtedly, the expectations of Nigerians are high. The incoming government of Muhammadu Buhari must understand the workings of time and power. If time and power are not properly used, they grow wing and fly away earlier than the owner expects. We counsel the new government to braze up to the challenge to meet the expectations of Nigerians.