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Dr Abel Avwokerega

Dr Abel Avwokerega

What shall we call him, a Seer, Prophet, Clairvoyant, Fortune Teller or any of the related names associated with those who hold knowledge beyond the reach of the ordinary man? But never to worry, his name is Dr. Abel Arhoghene Avwokerega, he claims to be a Spiritual Master and has unrestricted access to the Blind Spot where all knowledge about the world even in treatment of diseases is sourced. In this interview with Jon Egie, shortly after the Danna air plane crash in the suburb of Lagos this Spiritualist who this reporter have chosen to nick name Doctor Air because of his emphasis on the relevance of air for treatment of all diseases and solution to most spiritual problems warns that more disasters are on the way for Nigeria inclusive of earthquake and flood reminiscent of Tsunamis. He spoke on national issues concerning the politics of the country and specifically warns of looming violence in Benin should the July governorship election in Edo State be rigged.


Doctor, recently, Nigeria has been having a lot of challenges and just on Sunday, June 3, 2012 a plane crashed in Lagos killing over 153 persons. In the face of Boko Haram and so much blood being shed in the country, how can you, from the Blind Spot, explain the situation to Nigerians?

You see, all that is happening is as a result of the fact that we have sinned and lost the glory of God. Until we go back to sincerity of purpose, these are minor things; other serious things will even happen in this nation inclusive of earthquake and it is going to consume lots of areas. That I have seen and surely it will happen.

Did you see the Lagos air crash?

I saw it two weeks ago before it happened but if you alert the people nobody will listen, that is why I am always not interested because we are Satan ourselves. Those in Abuja, 92.5 percent of them are evil doers so you cannot talk to them and they take you serious because the process that brought them to that place is evil: whatever they are doing there is evil. So, it is the soul of the poor that is haunting them, that is the truth.

But even if the soul of the poor is haunting them the victims of the air crash are still the poor…

Yes, if you look at what happened recently, not merely that the victims are equally the poor—if you see majority of the victims, poor people will not go on air; you see, you have your former Communications Minister who is now the Senate President who once said that Telephone is only meant for the rich not to talk of flight. So, if those who are capable of taking flight are meant for the poor then I don’t know what to say again. How much does it cost from Abuja to Lagos by flight? That tells it all, so, it is not meant for the poor. The poor are still suffering and until they go back to the creeks, until they go back to the villages and start rehabilitating the old that are suffering there will always be curse alongside with them.


You said there is so much sin and until they go back and repent…

Not repentance, they should go back to the villages, take the list of the old people all over the federation, put them on pay list, and make sure you take care of them and the blessing will continue to come back and we will have a stabilized nation called Nigeria.

So you say this disaster is spiritual?

It is spiritual, it is absolutely spiritual and there will be more of it to happen including of an earthquake and water flooding that will take half side of Badagry and Lagos.

We could believe that of flooding but Nigeria is not within the belt of earthquake prone nations

Yes, you see, China is not equally within the belt of earthquake, ordinary mud, they slide. But I am giving you the assurance that sooner than later, Nigeria will have its first earthquake that we never expected. It is going to happen in a place where no one expected it to happen and it is going to be the city, the main city of governance, which is where the first earthquake in Nigeria will happen. I am referring to Abuja itself. How it will happen is going to be a mysterious. I give you my word.

Have you seen that too?

If I have not seen such a thing I wouldn’t put it when you are interviewing me.

So what do we do? Really, because there is so much agony in the land; people are hungry, people are crying, since the beginning of the Jonathan administration there has not been peace, what should be done?

What should be done is very simple, they should appease and apologize to Nigerians—those in governance, those who govern should appease the population. They know what they have done, they are aware what they are seeing, they know the clique that is controlling, and they know the society to which they belong. They know what they are doing to the common man in the city. When they will disorganize their system and their society and that they will allow the right frame of mind to control them and they will come back to where their soul belong and cast away the evil that is dwelling in them; they no longer use 7 Books of Moses to incarnate into power, there will be peace in the land.

You mean this is what is in vogue?

And that is what they have been doing; even to the extent they use human beings to make sacrifices. That you see every day. It is not me that is using human beings to make sacrifice, it is those in governance that use human beings to make sacrifice. Not me, neither the villagers, nor the women that go to the village market to struggle themselves day in day out so that they can get at least a meal a day for their children. They that sit in Abuja and the rest of it are the ones doing it.

Is Boko Haram a fall out of all this evil too?


Boko Haram is just…Let me tell you; Boko Haram is not an issue. Nigeria has never experienced anything called Boko Haram. What is Boko Haam? It is an idea, you see somebody, your father, your mother, they were classmates together; the father of the people there now were not better than your father and mother but after going to Abuja or after going to Government House, within a couple of hours, days, one year they become millionaires and your father who has been struggling along side with them ever since that time that they were not in government still remains where he is. So, what do you expect the children of those ones to do? So, Boko Haram is caused by the government of the day. If the government knows how to go about it, they should go back to apologize to them and say we are coming back from where we have been. We will leave our societies; we will close all our secret meetings. When these are done, and the better ways to govern is implemented, Nigeria will be a peaceful place.

Why is the Boko Haram or their reaction peculiar to the North?

The question looks funny. You are a human being, you have your children. If your child wants to revolt he will not go outside to revolt, he will only revolt within your house. So, you do not expect somebody from the North who knew what their elders and legislators are doing will not come down to the South to come and revolt. They will only revolt within their own. It is like your child, when he you are doing something bad in the house and he has discussed it and talked it time and time without result, he will not go to another family to revolt, he will revolt within your house.

But whatever sins the Northern politicians committed those in the South are not left out.

Yes, because, we in the South, we are like an imbecile; we are like a crippled people or somebody suffering from anemia or from stroke. When a man is sick from stroke you don’t allow him to walk a distance. So, we are like a people having stroke ailment. We are dead living people, our brains are dead, we can do nothing because when the brain is dead we cannot do anything and that is why they are over parading us because we are satisfied with the peanuts to which they give to the young ones. That is why we are like that. We do not have the zeal, the wherewithal, we don’t have the push to ask from them what they have done. Let me give you an example, in Sapele where I have always been; there was a Senator there, even the road that leads to his compound could not be tarred, in his own environment, the road that leads to his own compound could not be tarred, he used his hospital as his constituency office….oh! Look, let me not talk too much. So, you can see that…people in Sapele are dying, there women who could not have access to one meal a day in Sapele but of the entire constituency something that he collected, and he used his hospital as a constituency office. Nobody questioned. They have big lawyers there; nobody queried him because when they are giving peanuts that is the end of it. So, what do you want me to say? I am not from there and when you speak, they will say go to your local government but he was equally representing me because he represented Delta Central which I belong.

Back to the Nigeria case, you mentioned righteousness as a panacea to solving the socio-economic problems and also national disaster that happened and even warned that greater disasters are on the way…

You see, when you talk about disasters, not just merely earthquake, floods that have been happening in other parts of the world will take place in Nigeria very soon unless we have to appease ourselves and God. How do we appease ourselves? By changing from worshipping flesh, worshipping money and going back to true perfection. Let us search our hearts; every one of them knows what they are doing that is wrong. Before you kill it must come within the mind, if you do not think about it you cannot go and kill and every body is aware that killing a human being which you cannot form is bad but yet they still go, why are they doing it? It is because they have lost consciousness as a human being. When an animal wants to do anything it does not think twice, so you see, majority of the people representing us today are more of an animal than human beings. They are just wearing the human skin and that is what is happening. We are not talking of just repenting, we are talking of total repentance—abolishing what we call societal, look let me tell you; no one in government today that does not belong to a society that controls wherever he or she comes from and how can you belong to a society…a President today can become a slave, a house boy in the society that made him to be President. How do you now want a slave or a house boy to control him who has appointed him as a President? It is impossible and that is the type of government we have in this country today. Until we have to change and know exactly where we are coming from, changes is not just what we are talking, a complete over haul where societies are destroyed from beginning to the end. But what rules us today is the society—a group, a combined societies that is ruling the society today. They are not even up to one percent because in the United States you have them up to one percent, but in Nigeria, it is not up to 0.5 percent that is in the society that is destroying us today. And now, if you look at it, when they come during election, some of the women selling tomatoes in the market they have made them to become society people that even when you talk to them, they say don’t you know I am a society woman? You talk to me because I sell tomatoes? That can tell you the level Nigeria has so deteriorated. When and how do we change it, they know better.

Talking about changes, recently buhari warned that if there is no change by 2015 in the way elections are conducted in Nigeria dogs and baboons will be soaked in blood . How do you react to that?

You see, ever before the last election I called those who are closer to me and I told them that , in fact I even sent a text message to Nation newspapers and I told them that the only man who is qualified to rule this country where there will be peace in no other person than Buhari .I have never met him, He is not my friend but in the spiritual world you will see him, he is the only cleanest human being you can think of as far as this country is concerned. Buhari is the only one who has never committed his body, his soul, his flesh everything to any society and that there is no one anywhere from any source that has power over him .So if Nigeria will want real change, the only man that can change this country without even voting should be Buhari no other person else .Before the election I said so and I am repeating again. I text Nation and I told them that the only man who can rule this country to bring effective change , to make the life of Nigerians to be and experience what they call the benefits democracy is no other person than Major General Muhammadu Buhari. We have never met, I only see him in pictures.

But he is said to be a religious fanatic.

Yes, when you do not belong to the society to which they belong, you are a fanatic. When you do not belong to the society that controls, you are a fanatic and that is the type of fanaticism that Buhari is tagged.

He is also feared to possibly Islamize Nigeria should he be President.

Let me tell you something, you see Buhari, though a Muslim, and let me put it this way, in the whole of the universe, let me make it absolutely clear, a good practicing Muslim is 100 percent better than 100 million practicing Christians.


Because, the road that leads to Christendom and Christianity is adorn with evil, but for the practicing Muslim, the road that leads to that place is with perfection. So, when you are talking about Buhari Islamizing Nigeria and all that is because he does not belong to any secret society. He wants the betterment of the larger society and that is why they tag him so.

Are you saying that the leadership of the Christian faith also belongs to those secret societies?

Yes, 99.9 if not I would have said 100 percent. Let me put it 100 so that I do not have to exaggerate, 100 percent of every one of them that belong to Christendom today are the ones destroying this country. They belong to secret societies, all of them, I see them, I know them. I know where they converge, I know their covens, I know their alliance, I know everything, I know every one of them. They are all evil doers, destroyers, killers; that is the language.

What hope has the common man?

The common man has hope, as far as Nigeria is concerned, it is only when Buhari comes to power. If Buhari comes to power, more than half of the people in power today will run away and never return to Nigeria again. The day he is sworn in as a President more than 60 percent of those in government today will run, they will not wait, they will even use their legs to run away because the man knows their secrets, the man kows everything about them and they know every thing about him and he knows all of them. That is the fear that they will never allow him, they hold nocturnal meetings against him day in day out but we the commoners who are Nigerians never knew anything. That is our mistake.

Is that why Buhari wept after losing the election?

You have answered it all. He said the only opportunity Nigeria would have got to come back to light, they lost it. Until we go back to him, kneel down and beg him to come and salvage this country we will continue to be in the doldrums.

You mean without Buhari God would not provide another Saviour?

It is going to take a very long time for another Saviour to come. The only person you would have mentioned would have been this boy who chaired EEFCC, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu. Yes, he is a promising young man but he doesn’t have the guts and the wherewithal yet to lead. He has the stamina but he still has to learn the lessons because Buhari has reached the height, he has got the wherewithal, everything, the language is everything so that all that is left is for him to execute what he has learnt. Ribadu still has a long way to go.

So, not much is expected from Jonathan?

Wonderful, you would have answered that question yourself. Take for instance, in Delta State here, you have Ijaws, Itsekiris, Ibo, Isoko but look to the formation of his own cabinet; in the ministry of Niger Delta—Ijaw,foreign affairs—Ijaw, every thing that belongs to the States in the Niger Delta. Is that not enough for you to answer the question yourself? What else do you want from me? If he would do this in a country, he would kill a State within two States of a Federation, and then what do you want from him again as far as the President of this country is concerned? Judge for yourself and ask him whether is for Ijaw alone or whether Delta and Bayelsa States are for Ijaw alone? There are Urhobos, there Itsekiris and even Isoko in Bayelsa; there are Urhobo, there are Itsekiri here, but for one single entity Niger Delta—Ijaw, Foreign affairs—Ijaw, NSA—Ijaw you can name as many as you wish.

Alright Sir, what do you see from the Blind Spot on Jonathan’s ambition to go for a second term?

I wouldn’t say he is going or not going for second term. Jonathan, initially before he wanted to become a President had a very good intention but as soon as he entered into that seat, he had to be loyal because he was called to loyalty and that loyalty is overwhelming him. So, it is like some body, will I say it? It is like David who wanted to fight Goliath; he was given all the armament of bronze which overweighed him, the bronze which Jonathan is putting on is even heavier than that of David and that it is impossible for him to remove it as David did. That is his problem. So, talking about 2015, I really do not know what will happen before then. We are talking of even between now and 2015, let us see what happens before you can talk of 2015 because there are lots of things that are yet to happen and for your notice, in the Blind Spot of the spiritual world, the cup of Nigeria is filled with sins, it is filled with blood and it is trying to bounce back and the repercussion we cannot think of it. Between now and 2015 what is going to happen, the explosion that is coming from the Blind Spot in the spiritual realm is going to be wonderful. That is why I cannot talk about 2015.

We may need to get explanation about the Blind Spot and your further view about it…

Especially what happened last night, when any mistake is made towards the Edo State governorship election; what I saw last night in the Blind Spot, Benin was burning like fire! So, I am advising the Federal Government and the Edo State Government that they should tread carefully and properly so that the election should go the way it is supposed to go, but if there is any ambiguity and rigging, I saw Benin like hell and that is where the problem of this country will start from.


Thank you