By Kingsley Abavo, Benin City



Sup Evang Prophet Alex Alatan

It has been predicted that the 2015 general election especially that of the governorship in Delta state, would be another exercise soaked in controversies, and blood-shed due to numerous conflicting interests across the various political parties particularly the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP).


Founder and senior Shepherd-in-charge, Celestial Church of Christ, Freedom Parish, Benin City, Edo State, Prophet Alex Alatan made the prediction in a chat with news reporters in the state capital last week.


Prophet Alatan said, the choice of a flag-bearer would trigger a situation that initially would appear a mere disagreement but later explode into crisis that if not handled  with utmost diplomacy, would spread to envelope the whole state with its devastating negative effects.


“There will be battle within same party particularly the PDP because of choice of candidate. Friends would go against friends and brother against brother even father against his own off-spring”.


But God has revealed that there is a woman if given a chance that has the capacity to positively make the desired difference in the state. “God will use her mightily”, Alatan said.



Dr Mrs Ngozi Olejeme

Dr Mrs Ngozi Olejeme

“Her name, is Dr. Ngozi Olejeme, he disclosed. “Her intention to contest is to work for the interest of the state and her people. She has the zeal to work and God would use her mightily but unfortunately, they would not give her that chance.


“Even the people that would be contracted to work for her would also betray her. They are going to work for her not because they want her to emerge as governor of the state, but because of what they could make out of her for themselves. They do not have faith in her to emerge as governor”.


Alatan reiterated that if Dr. Mrs Olejeme could be allowed to succeed Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan, Delta state would rejoice as she would be a blessing to everyone.

“Although, spiritually, it has been revealed that she has the support of President Goodluck Jonathan but the person the president would assign the duty to deliver her, would betray her even before the party primary.


“If PDP can make that woman their candidate, the party would win the election without controversy and Delta state would be tremendously transformed beyond expectation because she would not be there to steal.


“Aspiration of the woman is driven by the passion to positively impact the state and her people, and also to prove the point that a woman can run the affairs of a state even far better than a man. God is sending her but the people would not allow her”.



Rejection of her candidacy holds grievous repercussion for the state. “The consequences of not allowing Olejeme would be fatal as the state would be plunged into a chaotic situation, Alatan” warned.


“The person that they would put there would rule like the military. He will not have time for anybody. They are crying now, but that time, they would cry blood.


“For the four years that person would be there, nothing positive and heart-warming would happen so saith the voice of God”.


Prophet Alatan reacting on the Nyanyan Motor park bomb attack and abduction of female students in Chibok, Borno state, said though, it was devastating and sad, the days of terrorists are numbered in Nigeria.


He reiterated his earlier prophecy last January that God has promised to permanently arrest the Boko-Haram terrorists group assuring that God is not man that should lie.


Hence, in the general election 2015, Boko Haram insurgency would not be the problem the Nigeria nation would be contending with, but the politicians themselves.

On the on-going National confab, he said nothing good would come out of it as it is a house of confusion made-up of those that have been architect of the nation’s problems.


“It is always said, that the youths are the leaders of tomorrow but when do you think tomorrow will come? How many youths do we have in the on-going confab? People of 80-90 years plus are the ones still there repeating the same way they have been doing things- the same old ways.


“But the warning to Delta state, if they should make the mistake of not allowing the woman, it would be one of their biggest mistakes ever”.


Alatan however quickly assured that Nigeria would not disintegrate as he advised! Citizens must seek the face of God as the only route out of the many problems confronting the nation and to greatness.