By Jon Egie




Chief Amos Itiwhe

Chief Amos Itiwhe

The FG has been advised to handle the Tompolo issue with caution to avoid a collateral effect to the Niger Delta region.


Chief Amos Itiwhe, a PDP chieftain in Delta state gave the advice in an interview with our reporter.


Chief Itiwhe while reacting to the feud between the FG and former MEND leader, chief Government Ekpomupolo alias Tompolo said the Niger Delta region is presently volatile in the face of the ongoing feud and the youths want to go on rampage because they are part and parcel of Tompolo.


“Therefore, I appeal to the FG to seek a political solution to the matter otherwise if the FG pursues its planned action, the consequences might not be the best for all.


“As much as is possible, they should get Tompolo to a round table talk and resolve the matter. Not every case that goes to court gets a lasting solution especially as some people believe that the FG’s action is vindictive and targeted toward a certain group of individuals.


The FG should handle the matter with care and keep guns out of the Niger Delta. For so long Tompolo has not shown up and that means that all parties in this feud have their own game plans and if their plans are carried out, Nigeria and the common man will suffer.


“While you are trying to sanitise the system you should also consider peace. Yes, the country has been plunged into serious cases of corruption by our leaders but then we also have to be cautious in cleansing the system. Every action the FG takes, they must consider as a bottom-line, the peace of this country.


“It is not everything that you shout out and not everything should be of interest. If a citizen is found culpable to an offence, wisdom could demand that he be given a soft landing for the sake of peace. If somebody is convicted of stealing Nigeria’s money instead of sending him to jail let him return the money and go, it is even better, if you find the man guilty of stealing let him return the money but if you opt to send him to jail he will go to prison and in no distant time he will be out and enjoy the money.


As a member of the board of DESOPADEC he expressed pessimism about the board delivering on its mandate to the people of oil producing areas in Delta state following the global fall of oil price and the free fall of the naira to the dollar and hence appealed to indigenes of the oil producing communities in Delta state to understand the situation, “even though their expectations are very high but we cannot do much in this present circumstance”.


Reacting to the remark by Chief Olusegun Obasanjo on the emergence of Modu Sheriff as the national chairman of the PDP, which OBJ described as the final nail on the PDP coffin, he said OBJ does not mean well for the PDP.


He however pleaded for cooperation and support for Sheriff to man the oars for the period he is empowered to do so, organise the congress and let a new leadership emerge. He told OBJ to steer clear from the affairs of the party because he has left the PDP.


“I do not know the role OBJ is playing, he left the PDP, he tore his PDP membership card and what does he still have to do with the party? Whether the PDP is sinking or dying, it is none of his business, he should leave us alone”.


Commenting of the perceived vibrancy of the APC in Delta with the introduction of Chief Great Ogboru, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege and Hon Victor Ochei to the party fold, Itiwhe said, “Delta state has beena PDP state and no amount of threat by an individual or a group of individuals will shake the fortunes of PDP in Delta state.


“As far as I am concerned, the personalities mentioned have no grassroots followership. Take Orido for example, he has not won any election any day; he succeeded to be a community President General and that is all. The present Senator representing Delta central, Omo Agege did not win on ground, he won in the court that is not democracy and even Ochei, with the volume of money he has he could not make it, even his local government area he lost it. Ogboru is a spent force and not to be reckoned with politically. So, they all combined are not a threat to the PDP in 2019. Ogboru is going to the APC with the hope of grabbing the APC governorship ticket, Ochei is going there to get the governorship or deputy governorship ticket and Omo Agege is there, he will not allow them. So, they will clash and crumble. The APC will go back to square one because it is a conglomerate of people of selfish ideologies, they do not mean well for Delta, they do not mean well for Nigeria” Itiwhe said.