*Says PDP must pray hard for God’s intervention


By Abavo Kingsley, Benin


Prophet Alex Alatan

Ahead of Saturday’s Governorship and States Assembly election, Prophet Alex Alatan has predicted the outcome would not be different from that of the Presidential and national Assembly earlier held.

The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) would do all humanly possible to win in the four southern States of Edo, Delta, Bayelsa, and Rivers except God intervenes.

Prophet Alex Alatan, presiding Shepherd in charge, Celestial Church of Christ, Freedom Parish, Benin City gave the alert during an interview with our correspondent on Sunday.

The interview was a follow up to Alatan’s earlier correct revelation of the outcome of the Presidential and National Assembly election held on 23 February, 2019, and was so reported by Spy News Online.

In the report titled: “2019 elections: Ominous times ahead prophet warns” and published on Feb 13, the cleric predicted that President Buhari would again emerge victorious but his victory would be by bending the rules and doing everything out of the ordinary.

He said INEC would be pressured and become helpless to surrender to the whims and caprices of those at the helms of affairs of the country adding that the results would not be awarded to the main opposition party (PDP) even if it won.

According to him, the APC would win in almost all of the positions across the nation though through superior manipulation of the results.

“But like I said before, there will be pain, tears, sorrow and bitterness in the land. Buhari’s second term would be the worst ever.

“However, before the end of the next four years, APC would scatter and the party will not be known anymore. Definitely, this is the last time APC would rule at the Presidential level.

“But let it be known that APC would win almost everywhere on Saturday but it cannot sustain the victory till another four years. When the time comes, the party will lose woefully almost all of the positions across the nation.

“Before the next four years, people will suffer. There will be gnashing of teeth in the country. Everyone will be in pain; the rich, poor, big, small, influential, and the peasants.

“In all of these, Nigerians must pray very well for mercy if God in heaven can hear us because we have sinned so much.

“It is like a punishment God is giving to us to have allowed this ruler to take over power again that will give us pains and sorrow.

“Even people who worked for him will regret when the time comes. The President is not ready to spare anybody including the APC Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole. He should be ready to bear the pains. We will be suffering and smiling in this land.”

Alatan reiterated that the opposition in the four southern States mentioned must pray very well if it can survive the onslaught of the ruling party in the election ahead. It is going to be like a hurricane, the fiery Pastor and Prophet emphasized.