By Urhere Abavo




Jacobs Edoite

Jacobs Edoite

Austria based Nigerian, a native of Benin; Jacobs Edoite Edo recently in Abuja launched a book titled; ‘Digital Transformation’ advocating electronic public service for the nation.

He was at the Palace of the Benin Monarch, HRM Oba Ewuare N’Ogidigan II to present copies to him after he sent a high power delegation to represent him at the event.

Jacobs Edoite Edo publisher of the book is Research Planning coordinator, Information Technology Unit, The OPEC Fund for International Development [OFID].

Edoite told journalists in an interview that the book is all about how to change the processes of government in terms of digitization of public service in Nigeria.

It basically means how to move government processes from manual operation to electronic like obtained in advanced countries of the world.

“Going digital is a global norm so government in Nigeria should not be left behind.

“If Government processes goes digital; the advantages include, speed, efficiency, productivity, and sometimes more jobs for the youths.”

Towards actualizing the set goal, Edoite disclosed that he and his team are looking at doing an innovation in the mould of ‘Silicon Valley’ where people come, brain storm and build applications e.t.c.

But one of the challenges; is the non availability of effective internet service.

Hence the team seeks permission of the Monarch to talk to the State Government about the possibility of partnership in the provision of ‘optic fibre’ to drive the project.

Efe Ikporo project manager of the launch of ‘Digital Transformation’ also spoke with journalists.

He said the revolution that would be experienced in terms of the changes that would occur in the Nigeria Public Service has been set in motion with debut of the book.

The impression has always been that Nigeria has a very bureaucratic public service which is bedeviled with a lot of inconsistencies, and slowing down the pace of governance.

Consequently, delivering little or no positive impact on the populace, he held.

The book; ‘Digital Transformation’ addresses all of these problems with its beauty; been a Nigerianized version of how to put the country’s public service on the world stage.

Countries like Estonia, Malaysia, Austria, Germany, France, and Britain have actually re – designed and re – modeled the public service to the point; even at the press of a button, a whole lot of public service could be accessed right from the comfort of one’s home deploying  a device.

This is the destination that is being targeted by the launch of ‘Digital Transformation’ Ikporo said.

The Monarch appreciating them for their effort prayed for them to succeed and assured that their request would be adequately attended  to