By Jon Egie

HRM,Ararile  Lucky Ochuko, AVM rtd, the Ovie of Umiaghwa-Abraka

HRM,Ararile Lucky Ochuko, AVM rtd, the Ovie of Umiaghwa-Abraka

HRM, Lucky Ochuko Ararile, AVM (rtd) the Ovie of Umiaghwa-Abraka has drawn out a plan to turn the kingdom to a modern settlement.

The monarch revealed the plan during a vist of a senior editorial team led be the Publisher and Editor in Chief of the Urhobo Voice, Chief Imene Ogbemure to the monarch in his palace, Saturday, May 5.


Speaking during the occasion, Chief Imene Ogbemure advised the traditional rulers in Abraka to reign with love so that other traditional rulers in Urhobo land could emulate them.

He used the opportunity to explain that the Urhobo Voice has made effort to moderate the information it disseminates without toeing the path of bias.

As an outstanding personality in Nigeria, the Urhobo Voice Publisher pledged to make the Newspaper available to the monarch to spread the information about the business of the monarch in his kingdom. He called on the king to systematically plan the development of the kingdom such that within the next seven years his impact will be felt by all and sundry.

Responding, the monarch thanked the Publisher of Urhobo Voice for his contribution during and after his installation as the Ovie of Umiaghwa-Abraka kingdom.

He recalled that as the Commander of the Nigeria Air Force unit in Kanji, he had established an AIR Force Magazine that went a long way in boosting the image of the Air Force. The king also recalled that as the MD of the Nigeria Air Force Foundation, he interacted with members of the public with a Press crew that accompanied him. The king promised not just to be innovative but also imaginative in developing the kingdom noting that there were opportunities that can be tapped especially with the enthusiasm displayed by the people during the coronation.

“We will put traditional structures on ground to check incidences of impunity and indiscipline. We are trying to go back to the old system where issues will be dealt with at the various grassroots levels of the family, street and community and this approach will give credence and respect to the men in authority in the various levels. Issues that they are unable to settle at the Okaorho place can come to me.

“We are going to set up a strong committee to enforce the plan for the development of the kingdom which is supposed to be an urban area. We are planning a lay out of some sort that will be professionally designed and provide aesthetics to all residents of the kingdom.

HRM, Ararile receives staff of office from the deputy gov of Delta State

HRM, Ararile receives staff of office from the deputy gov of Delta State

The monarch also assured of providing employment opportunities for the youth and people of the kingdom by liaising with some companies to do business in the kingdom. “We are going to provide them land after considering what they produce” he said pointing out that the Abraka River is a resource for tourism “and I plan to utilize the resource”.

“Abraka is geographically located in a central hub that can encourage merchants to open their shops and markets in the kingdom. As a kingdom, a lot of consultation is still going on and we have to key into the State government’s policies.

He stressed the importance of peace which according to him engenders development. Although there are a lot of provocative issues staring at the kingdom, the monarch said he is managing the situation to maintain the peace.
“Having been involved in so many international and national conflicts, I am aware that when you start a conflict it continues and instead on sitting to think of development you will be sitting to think of controlling the conflict and that is why, Abraka cannot be turned to a theatre of war as far as I am here. We will absorb all provocations but document all reports.

AVM (RTD) Ararile observed that the Urhobo nation has been marginalized adding that some of the culprits of the marginalization is self inflicted due to selfish desires of some individuals.

“We cannot be neutral about theses. We must be active in selecting those who will promote the interest of Urhobo land. We cannot allow some area boys to control the interest of Urhobo land and we need to collaborate with other ethnic groups in doing this because we cannot do it alone”.

Responding to a question on the security challenges posed by armed robbers and kidnappers and what the traditional rulers could do about it, AVM (RTD) Ararile said his understanding of the security architecture is woven around the Nigeria Police.

“What the traditional rulers can employ is the vigilante ticket and I thank the governor who is ready to give some stipend to the vigilante, but I am not clear about the thinking of the payment of the vigilante by the DPOs. I suggest that the administrative control of the vigilante should be left in the hands of the various local government councils and the operations should be handled by the police while the over all management should be in the hands of the traditional rulers. They can be administered by the LG under the traditional rulers with the police supervising the operation.

“It is important that we terminate at this point, the multiplication of security out fits does not help matters. In terms of independence, it can be politically hijacked. Once done at the local level most of the job would have been done” he submitted.