By Jon Egie


Hon Sunny Ighokena

Hon Sunny Ighokena

The APC in Delta will implode before 2019.


This prediction was given by Hon Sunny Ighokena, an aide to to Governor Okowa in an interview with Spy News Online.


Reacting to boast by the APC that the opposition party will take over the government of Delta State in 2019, Sunny Ighokena echoed that the boast is a political jab which has misfired. According to him, the arrow heads of APC who make such boast have always been there in the political terrain of Delta State and have not been able to make any meaningful impact in the electoral contests.


“The persons who are making the boast are those who were in the PDP and left for APC. Check their political output records, since 1999 till date they have never won any election, even in their units, so what magic are they going to use to take over government of Delta State?


“By 2019, we would be 19 years in active politicking and only those Deltans who are about 18 years of age now and who desire to be active participants in the politics of the state that can effect a change not the older ones that we have been dealing with. They are ineffective and their boast is not a threat. In fact, the more they make such boast, the stronger the PDP becomes.


“I predict that the APC in Delta will implode before 2019 because of power struggle for who gets what among those who defected from the PDP to the APC and those they met in the APC in an attempt to actualise their selfish political dreams and that situation will become an added advantage to the PDP to swim in victory of the tide of the performance of Governor Okowa, which is currently rated as impressive.”


He testified that the SMART agenda of Okowa has impacted positively on a significant number of people in the Delta, and still counting, especially in the aspect of skills acquisition where a handful of youths have benefited.


He said one of the cardinal points of the SMART agenda is meant to train beneficiaries to be self- employed and become employers of labour, an objective which is being fulfilled with precision. He however, took a swipe at some beneficiaries of the training who failed to put their learning into practice and are thereby damping the good intention of the governor towards the programme.


He congratulated the governor for fulfilling all his campaign promises to the people of Ughelli, especially, the promise on the rehabilitation of the Oteri Road that was very bad but has been reconstructed and made enjoyable by commuters . He also gave kudos to the governor for the renovation and provision of needed facilities for public schools (primary and secondary) in Oteri town.


“If you ask me, for the one year that Okowa has been in office as governor, he has done so much for my community and we still expect him to do more” Ighokena said.